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Onward and Downward
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Good Morning everybody . . .

Okay . . . here goes . . . although I'm pretty sure I tried that before Theresa . . . Nope . . . when I come back here and right click; paste is not highlighted and if I click on it nothing happens. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. I will try some experiments over the next few days . . . if I get any computer time, at all.

My son and his family (from Alberta) are arriving today to spend a couple of days -- I hardly get to see them, they live so far away; almost the whole width of the continent between us -- My DIL is very, very allergic to cats. She has stayed here in the past (when there were 3 cats) and it is not a pretty sight. Now that there are 6 of them, she doesn't dare try sleeping in this house. Actually going to work out quite well. The granddaughters (age 4 and 13) will stay here so I get a nice visit with them. The parents will stay at a local Motel so they will actually get a little time alone for a change. My poor cats will go nuts . . . they are definitely not used to humans that are able to move almost as fast as they can. should be a fun couple of days. Will probably be a few tears from Angelia (the youngest) because of kitten scratches (unavoidable). Becky is old enough to realize it's going to happen. Jazz is her favourite anyway, so he'll get lots of cuddling time.

Have a great moving and shaking day everybody and I will see you all later . . .
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[QUOTE=littlered;1755190]Good Morning everyone,
Happy July,

I am happy, I got up today to 159! QUOTE]

I'm right there with you at the same weight! My scale finally came in and a couple of days ago it said 158, then yesterday it said 159 and I didn't have anything in that one day that should have added any weight, so I've decided not to weigh again till August was depressing, but I started out at somewhere in the high 170's or low 180's (not sure) so I'm happy with what I've done so far. It's coming off slowly, but it IS coming off, so I'll just keep chugging along!
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Hello ladies

Welcome Carla

Well Meowee....I tried everything and it all went as you to see if it magically appears at the end of the post....or do I need to do something else????

I have a baby kitten....(I had raised it from 3 hours feedings onward). She is very curious, she seems to like the refrigerator. I put away the groceries and did a quick check for the kitten before I closed the refrigerator door. I puttered around and eventually decided that I wanted a soda at about 6:00 pm. When I opened the refrigerator door....there she was, all curled up on the bottom shelf of the door. She scooted out of the door, and for the next 2 hours she was running and playing like mad. I don't know who was more in shock...the kitten or myself. I now have to check on her every so often to make sure I know where she is...... PS....she's still inquisitive about the refrigerator.

It's been a good day....stayed on the lawn mowed....and made a first step in getting rid of some of my too too big clothes.

Have a great day!
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Good Morning and Happy July 4th.
Phyllis, Thank you so much for starting the July Golden Girls. Time just slipped away and I didn't even think about it until the 2nd.
Theresa, you are such a smart girl when it comes to a computer. By the way, congrats on the 159! I just tried to post some pictures with the following quotes and of course it didn't work. Anyway, read on and have a laugh. I love Bette Davis's quote the best! For all the 50+ girls, don't be a sissy.
Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what happened. -Cora Harvey Armstrong-
Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with cookies. (Unknown)
The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy. -Helen Hayes (at 73)-
I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows. -Janette Barber-
My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first one being -- hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. -Erma Bombeck-
Old age ain't no place for sissies. -Bette Davis-
Every time I close the door on reality, it comes in through the windows. -Jennifer Unlimited-
Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart. -Caryn Leschen-
If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning. -Catherine-
I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on. -Roseanne Barr-
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Good Morning Girls!!
Love the quote Bobbi!! And my Mom used to tell me "After you turn 40, then everything is maintenance!" How are things going for you? I imagine you are still pretty busy getting your home ready to sell too. I hate to list it and have all the "looky loos" come through BUT it only takes one person to buy it!

I finally got back in to the WATP's yesterday and did 2 miles with 3 pounds weights (1 1/2 each wrist weight) It felt pretty good to do it again. So I intend to do that every morning now and increase it each week or so until I'm back up to the 5 miles I was doing before I went on vacation.

Well, Just wanted to pop in and say Good Morning! Need to get a few things done here and then run to town for some gorceries---- don't want to be near the town tomorrow!! It will be so crowded with all the 4th of July crowds!!

Take care, Karen
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Welcome Carla, you will love it here, look forward to getting to know you.

Welcome back Moxi.....missed your posts. Glad your doing so well with the weight, good going on that salad, who would have thought all those calories.

Linda, I am going to try those smily faces too...they are so cute! Well I just tried and it didn't work...need to work on that again.

Karen, if I may ask, what have you been doing to get your home ready to show? I know we will paint a couple walls but I think we need to declutter to make it look that what you've been doing. Oh, I hate to think of tackling our 2 walk in clothes closets!!!

Theresa I will try some of the links you posted for smilies...I have one on the computer but it doesn't seem to work here. Thanks for all the great tips.

Your welcome Bobbi, I guess I can ask you the same question about getting the house ready to sell....any tips will be appreciated. You keeping your weight off? I'm sure your outside so much you don't need to exercise.

Cat.....woooohoooo on the scales moving down. Way to go. Doesn't it feel so must be looking great. Maybe chasing that puppy around has helped....

Got to run, y'all have a great day....Phyllis
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Good Morning ladies
Welcome Carla,
You have found a very nice bunch of ladies. Can’t wait to get to know you too.

I did not post yesterday. I have been fighting a bug. I do feel better today. Wow! it wore me out. Did not make it to curves yesterday. I did this a.m. but now I feel I have to go Thurs and Friday. Mostly I do Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I went today. and moved. But not like normal. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

I did manage to keep one 159. sooo. I changed my ticker.

Oh by the way…Cat, Phyliss, Thanks! And Congrats
Girls you keep me working hard. I am glad to see you at the same weight. I am also bouncing 158-159lbs. But that’s ok. I know it WILL come off, soon too.

I don’t know if I could wait till Aug. 1 to weigh myself! Oh my gosh. I would go crazy.

I am glad you figured out your ticker. YeaH! for you 180 lb. I better watch my hinny. your going to catch up with me too.
that is too funny, I have heard of Chilly Willy, the penguin, Never Had a Kitten that needs her mittens . LOL. must be a real cutie. I love them when they are kittens.

Hi! nice to see you back. How is the house selling doing? have you put it up for sale? Found a cute little house in town yet. It must be exciting to get to look at new places. And get to decorate it when you move…I know you can’t wait. Love the quotes.

As far as the smiley’s… all computers settings are different. I guess mine is. Sorry.
Well I hope those girls that are mia. are having a great holiday. If I don't get back,

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Ok, I can't seem to do the smilies or post my granddaughters photo as it is too large!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr

Talking about cats, my step-daughter is very very allergic to cats also and when we had 2 cats I always kept the spare bedroom door closed, the cats were never allowed in there. That way at least she had a safe room and that always seemed to do the trick. Of course my cats would go straight to her and want in her lap!!!!

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Hi everyone -- time to get back on track and visiting daily with my GOLDEN GIRLS!! Had a three day weekend and did my best to eat right and get in some exercise. On Sat we took the bikes over to Starbucks for our afternoon tea - it was so much fun and its just slightly downhill on the ride home so it makes me happy LOL. Yesterday was a day off for Canada Day (we were 140 yesterday --- I know pretty young in country years LOL). We planned to walk over to the pharmacy in the afternoon to pick up my prescription. I called about 2 to put in my order. We were getting ready to go and I decided it was a bit too hot for the haul up the mountain and back. Its truly a walk that is uphill both ways. I said I would rather keep my energy for cutting up the fresh strawberries and the veggies for out dinner salad. Good thing because we got to the pharmacy and they closed at 4 because of the holiday. I would have been steaming if I walked over there in 80+ temp. So we came home and had the fresh strawberries and I won two games of Yahtzee (unheard of in our house LOL).

I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4 -- tomorrow is also the third anniversary of our first date. We met online on July 1 -- I didn't want to waste too much time so we decided to meet on the 4th. Works well for us because neither of us will forget the date. He even brought me flowers for the 1st -- the romantic sweetie.

Congrats to everyone that is down -- cheers to everyone with family and friends visiting.
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Hi Everyone, All those electrical problems - WOW! I wonder if Mercury was in retrograde? Too much to say for 1 post. First I'll respond to June's messages & then, I'll post a message for July.

Hi Sue, welcome to our group. We're REALLY nice. Glad you decided to join us.

Hi Joanne, I LOVE your photo. Your Oregon Coast trip sounds WONDERFUL. I am shocked that your "before" photo was at 270 lbs. You sure didn't look it.
I do a low-carb diet also. I just found One-a-Day vitamins for people on low-carb diets - called "Carb Smart" & has vitamins that might be lacking bc of not eating many starches or fruit.

Hi Cat, I am SOOO happy for you that you didn't need to get that needle. I'm with you about the 600 sheets. Once you get used to them, you get really spoiled. I will DEFINITELY try your suggested websites for them. I have a sleep number bed - I LOVE it. Sorry to hear about your electricity going out. Hope it didn't cost an arm and a leg to fix.

Hi Zoe, You wrote, "...there's nothing better than smelling that salty ocean air, and looking out at that ageless sea - it has always lifted my spirits for sure." I ABSOLUTELY agree. I always think that if I could live where I could see the ocean, I'd never be depressed.
Glad to hear your bp is down. Good work! Also glad to hear your son arrived safe and sound. LOBSTER! - I think I ate at least 8 lobster meals in ME. DELICIOUS!

Hi Bobbi, I'm so glad that you're posting. I missed reading your cheery posts. About your daughter not being ready for college - while my great niece was in Paris with my dd, she told my dd that although she has been accepted to Montclair State College & her parents have paid the down payment (around $1,500), she has decided not to attend. She actually wanted to go to the local community college & her parents pushed her to go to the State College.

Hi Phyllis, You wrote, "The first aniv is the hardest..." I SURE hope you're right about this. I try to remember the good times, but his 2 years of being ill keep getting in the way.
I'm so glad to hear about your good cholesterol and bp numbers. We are surely all doing well healthwise aren't we? Good Dr. numbers plus a 4-lb weight loss!

Hi Linda, sorry to hear about your getting laid off in September. Hope your dd gets her finances together soon.

Hi Lyn, I hope your Cape Cod vacation is WONDERFUL! You wrote about your dd - "She'll have to support herself..and it's been hard for me not to help her out." When my dd was in college (an acting major), I made her pick peaches one summer for spending money. When she got back to college in September, she changed her major to computers & is almost ready to retire at 44. She handles all my investments.
I am SO SORRY to hear about your friend's loss of her dd. I guess we're all just lucky to have the dd problems that we have/had.

Hi Lily, How does the thyroid problem affect your weight loss? I have a friend who has a LOT of trouble losing weight bc she can never get her thyroid in order.
You wrote, "Sometimes I think us modern parents try to help our kids too much." I believe that the ONLY way we learn is by experiencing the consequences of our actions and realizing that it was our actions that caused the consequences. Isn't it funny that we all try to save our children from the consequences of their actions.
See what I wrote to Joanne about the Carb Smart vitamins.

Hi Theresa, I hope things are better with your dd. An idea for full sun flower - lantana. I LOVE it - looks like little bouquets of vari-colored flowers. Grows great in the full sun. Thank you for posting the info about resizing photos. I always forget how to do that.
Congratulations on 4-lb weight loss!

Hi Karen, your grandchildren are ADORABLE! I just LOVE their little smiles - want to just hug them. You are a lucky lady. Beautiful grandchildren and a weight loss!

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Default Responses to July posts

OK - here's my July messages responses. First, is anyone interested in the July Friendship Challenge thread? I was going to set a goal of 165 by the 5th of August, but my Diet Power indicates I should be at 160.

Hi Phyllis, congratulations on doing the 2 mile WATP dvd. I just about make 1 mile with that one. However, if I walk the canal by my house, I can do 3 miles. Those dvd's are tough!

Hi Theresa, congratulations on getting to 159. Maybe I'll set that as my goal for August 5th.

Hi Cat, you too! WoW! 159 seems to be the "IN" weight around here.

Hi Karen, I don't look forward to having to keep my condo in "neat-as-a-pin" order when I'm ready to move. I LOVE my condo, but when my dd moves away, I want to be closer to my sister and my df. Also, I'm not crazy about living in an over 55 environment. A lot of the folks here are pretty decrepit (sp?). Kind of depressing. WOW! 2 MIles with 3 lb weights! I'm impressed.

Hi Joanne, Happy Anniversary!

Hi Linda (Meowee), glad to see you - are you joining us or just visiting? I hope the former. How nice you will get to have your granddaughters with you. Enjoy!

Hi Moxie, I am SO HAPPY to see you posting again. Welcome back! Congratulations on the great weight loss! I ABSOLUTELY know what you mean about the refrigerator kitten. My cat gets closed in closets and locked out on the patio. Always sneaking into/out of places when I'm not looking.
Please post your birthdate. We have a list - I'll post it on a separate post.

Hi Carla, please feel free to join us. The more the merrier.

Hi Bobbi, I kind of like the one - "If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning. -Catherine-"

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Independence Day,

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Originally Posted by ladyinweighting

Moxie and Carla, post your birthdates and I will add to the list -

Theresa - July 19

Lily - August 25

Cat - September 13

Joanne - October 8

Phyllis - December 15

Karen - February 14

Lyn - February 21

Linda (Meowee) - February 25

Paula - April 4

Lynn - April 11

Zoe - April 19

Bobbi - May 24

Linda - June 18

Moxie - ?

Carla - ?

Last edited by meowee; 07-04-2007 at 12:57 PM. Reason: Changed my own birthday
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Hello to Everyone!! Hope everyone has a Fun and Safe 4th Of July!!!

Hello Lynn, Thank you for the compliment on the grandchildren!! They are both getting excited to start school again and I can't believe they are starting on August 6th this year!! It seems that they start earlier and earlier!!

I did the WATP's dvd again today. Did the 2 miles with the weights again. I was more "pooped" today than I was yesterday. But I have to MAKE myself get back on track. I know they help a whole lot!

Hi Joanne, I would have been so mad if I had walked to a store and found out they were closed!! So glad that you didn't do that. It sounds like you have a really sweey guy there. I would love it if my hubby was more ROMANTIC--- our 1st anniversary he gave me a Wicker Laundry Basket!!! Yeah, you read that right--- I was not impressed and even now he still hears about it!! He wants to be more practical and I can't get him to change. So if I want flowers I go buy my own!

Moxie-- your story about the cat made me laugh so much!! A friend of mine several years ago was doing laundry and heard a THUMP THUMP in her dryer and when she opened it the cat ran out and was going all over the house for quite awhile! But he never crawled back in the dryer again!!

Phyllis, when we listed our house before we bought this one the realtor told us to get rid of as much clutter as possible and to take personal photos down. That way anyone who looks at it can be able to put themselves in the home. The realtor told us to just pack things up and stack boxes either in one room or the garage. People can look past the boxes. I don't know how true that is. I have just been getting rid of mostly clutter. We still had a lot of put photos packed away from our move here since we were adding shelves and also put in a fireplace so I'm just leaving them packed and glad that I don't have a lot of stuff on the walls!

Theresa, Zoe, Carla, Linda, Bobbi, Cat, Meowee---- Hello to all of you and Hope things are going great for all of you.

We have a severe thunderstorm coming right now so I need to get off and will try to check back in a bit!! Take care, Karen
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Hey All....well, it's been a busy, and sort of happy/sad five days for me. So great to have my son home, but tomorrow's essentially his last full day here, and I'm missing him so much already. The deal is that on Thursday, he and his girlfriend will be driving down to Philadelphia with all my other kids and grandkids AND their father (my ex-husband) to his (their father's) family reunion. They'll be back Sunday evening, my son will sleep here, and then will be flying back to the west coast on Monday. Two of my daughters (I have three) now attend their father's church, and are very active members...HE is chairman of the trustee board (this is a man who spent 20 years abusing & cheating on me, cheats on his current wife, and also the same man I had to fight tooth and nail for child support, AND the same man who was supposed to pay 50% of his kid's college costs but I paid 100% because he simply wouldn't come up with the money). It absolutely infuriates me that he has been able to worm his way back into THEIR good graces with all of his B.S., and a lot of the same tired old lines he USED to use on me until I realized that he never meant a word he said. SO, on SUNDAY, we were planning a cook-out at my DD's house, and she calls me just before she's leaving for church and asks if I would mind if she invited her father to come and eat with us because "he's been feeling depressed" lately, and she feels bad. So what am I supposed to say? No? And be the unforgiving harridan...???? He's probably depressed because his current wife (who refuses, apparently, to attend his church with him) has started suspecting that he might now be cheating on HER (What a surprise, huh????) and has been arguing with him over it. But for gosh sakes, let's be "the bigger person" here, right? Let's forgive & forget...and of COURSE it's okay to invite him. AND she does, AND he is his usual *charming*, smarmy, and completely phony self, AND I go home early while HE stays until 10:00 that night. And SHE says that I didn't HAVE to leave early; that there was no reason why I couldn't have stayed just as long as I wanted to. Ahuh.
So, I'm not too thrilled with her right now, and she's not too thrilled with me. But of course I'll go over and feed her danged KHATS while she's off with her father, now, won't I?
Don't pay any attention to me. Stone wanted to give me a massage after dinner tonight...DS went to see that dumb transformer movie with our son-in-law...said I seemed very "tense"....and I wanted to throw something at him!
My eating has been a little off the charts, here...we've gone out a lot, and just had a lot of food around in general, with DS here. BUT, I have made sure to ride my bike every day...since I haven't been going to work, I usually get in an hour's ride every morning early before anyone else is up, and then another hour - or more, even - in the late afternoon. Hopefully the extra bike riding will help counterbalance some of the extra eating. After tomorrow, I'll be right back on track again, but I don't think I'll be weighing in for another few weeks.
That's it. My rant. Sorry. I guess I just signed on at an acky time, yanno? Life just isn't perfect. 'Bout time, old as I am, that I accepted that, right?

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Default ME Vacation

ME Vacation =

Eating TONS of lobster with butter
Walking along the black-rocked sea coast every morning
Visits to lighthouses
Avoiding Presidents Bush and the protestors
Trips to Kennebunkport, Portland, Kittery (shopping outlets)
Sight-seeing trips in Ogunquit Beach, Portland, and Kennebunkport
Swimming in the pool on the 3 90-plus-degree days
Seeing 2 GREAT plays - The Full Monty (with Sally Struthers), and an interesting time-travel play with local (and VERY good) actors
Eating TONS of lobster with butter

See photos below - 1 of my sister & me; 1 of the rocky coast taken on our morning walk; 1 of my sister in front of our Inn; and 1 of a lighthouse we visited.


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