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I'm being chatty today...(the client who keeps me busiest is on a book signing trip today, so I'm not that busy..yehaa!)

I was reading the paper a few mintues ago and in the cooking section was a big article on smoked paprika and how to use it in recipes..they all sounded great, but some like smoked paprika butter were no-no's..but they do have a meat rub that sounds really good. Just need to substitute with brown sugar with something else like brown sugar splenda:

Smoked paprika dry rub

Makes about 3/4 cup

1/4 cup smoked paprika

3 tablespoons coarse salt

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon onion powder

3 tablespoon light brown sugar (of course substitute an alternative!)

1 tablespoon dried oregano leaves

1 tablespoon dried thyme leaves

Combine all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container until ready to use.
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Good Morning Gals

Sorry I have been gone for so long. I really need to catch up! Looks like a lot has happened....some good. I am still under the influence of "swimmers ear", it is pretty annoying, the medicine hasn't been a magic cure-all yet. Still another 5 days to go...

The old diet has been wanting more attention....I guess I have "blown it" for the last couple of days.... it is a downer to realize you are not sticking to it 100 percent, but the truth is, in reality, not too day at 1800 calories and yesterday at 1400...but still....isn't what I wanted to have happen.

Lynn...praying for good news from you....I had a friend who was feeling bad, she went to the Dr, they didn't know what was "in there", they did surgery, and found a 3 inch long darning needle in her liver. Cannot imagine how that got there, and neither could she...was the strangest thing I had ever heard of.

Linda...DIET is certainly a 4 letter word...cute... much cuter than what I can think of for it at the minute!!!

PHYLLIS...LINDA...LYN...I'll get the lasagna recipe used turkey sausage...first time I had ever eaten it, I really liked it, ground turkey seems so bland...but turkey sausage is very tasty. Calories a bit higher than plain ground turkey, but the taste is worth the few more calories.

PAULA...hope all works well for your dad in his new surroundings.

CAT...Playing jacks and sticking your arms out the windows just isn't the same as an adult!! I loved to do both as a kid...I have tried to teach the grandkids how to play jacks...doesn't work the same my hands are just too big, makes catching the jacks too easy. (My kitten clawed my exercise ball a few too many looks pretty sad and lifeless right now...afraid I will have to give it a burial.

JOANNE...I worked for a person who was related to the Hersheys (in PA).... even though he (Hershey) seemed to be generous with his kids program, it was evident he didn't have a dime for his relatives. Sad story in there somewhere, but of course the story happened about 80 years ago, and I didn't go into it...but lack of money resulted in the death of a 3 yr old child.

Theresa....the nursing home I worked at was just the opposit...they pushed food down the throats of the poor residents, even when they didn't want any, you would see them spit it out across the table, throw it on the floor, and whatever to make the aides stop feeding the stuff to them, however the food was SO TERRIBLE I can't believe that anyone in their right mind would eat it anyway. No need to ask for seconds, the firsts were plenty hard to swallow.

HI to Linda D, Zoe, Lily and anyone who I may have missed!! Hope to catch up with you again sooner.
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Default Lyn checks in

Lynn, You are very much in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. Like Femme said, stay positive, it's probably nothing.

Yes, i know it was friday the 13th when I got out to my car to pack for our weekend trip to the Adirondecks and the back hatch door to our car would not open. Both the release lever and the key will not open it. I took it to the dealer and of course they are too busy to look into it before we leave at noon. Sigh. it will be interesting loading and unloading golf clubs from the passenger doors.

Everyone have a safe and healthfull weekend!

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Morning -- I guess almost afternoon for most everyone else. Well the heat wave sort of broke yesterday so last night was almost tolerable. I had an appointment to get my mop chopped off and my mom called and asked me to stop and get some dinner for her at the deli. She is just not feeling well these days and we aren't sure if her lymphoma is back or her RA (rhemetoid arthritis) is rearing its ugly head. She battled RA for years and then the meds caused her to develop lymphoma - so the RA went into remission and then she had to battle lymphoma - now its (we hope) in submission and the RA is back -- its just so unfair. She hasn't had a break since she turned 50 -- I had myself tested and I shouldn't ever get RA - but its a miserable disease. Ok enough of that -- the weekend is here and I have no plans so I get to vegetate - YAY!!! I think I will leave work early today and we are going to see an early movie - then do our grocery shopping so we can just plan to do nothing at all on Saturday.

Oh and tiny kid brag - as you know my son is an avid mountain biker -- he raced for many years as a teenager and just returned to racing last year. With all his placements in the races last season and this season he now qualifies to race as a Pro/Elite - doesn't mean a heck of a lot except he can now deduct his bikes and some of his expenses on taxes -- so YAY LOL. He is off racing this weekend and then races in the Canada Cup next week.

Zoe -- well my dear darling friend your kids are beautiful (DS is 6'7"??? WOW) and if they inherited your beautiful soul then they are gorgeous inside out. I tell my sweetie all the time he is so gorgeous inside out and the inside is the most important part. I am building up my courage (and dropping my calories) to possibly brave the scale July 25 -- I start my next vacation on the 27th so I need to get some numbers to be accountable to.

Lynn -- ohhh so sorry about the blood tests (I have nasty veins too) and doubly sorry about the mass -- lets just think positive and I am honoured that you are sharing this with us.

Lily -- yep not working out was the best decision. I am sore from the three workouts this week so I need to recover before next week. It should be cooler so I am hoping to do four next week.

Paula - I hope your dad settles soon. During my husband and my father's illness I learned to become quite the patient advocate and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Oh and I will remain happy in my AC office -- my sweetie's hospital doesn't have AC and he is beyond miserable by the end of the day -- I can't even imagine being a patient there.

Cat -- what a cool wedding your sister planned. I am sort of torn about what sort of wedding we will have -- but I guess I should wait until I get proposed to The fact that I have given him my ring size and a sample of what ring I want is helping move this along -- just not fast enough LOL

Moxie -- hope that ear gets better soon. How very sad about the Hershey family - shows that if someone is "cheap" nothing will change that attribute.

Big HI - Karen (got my fingers crossed you sell something soon), Linda, Theresa and Lyn
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Good Afternoon:

Today is a beautiful day. Temp is in the mid 80's. I have changed my exercise program and it seems to be helping some. I now walk 50 minutes on the treadmill and change the Level all the way to Level 5 and then slowly bring it back down. After the walk I work out with weights and the exercise ball. I'm sore but it's getting a little easier each time. I think by next week I'll be able to increase the Level and speed. Phew! I don't like exercise but I do feel like I have more energy and like knowing that I'm working hard.
Lynn: So sorry about your test results. I'm praying that it is not serious and that you will be back to normal soon. I also had skin cancer surgery last year. My leg and my chest. The surgeries were one week apart. I felt like I had been run over by a truck. All the best to you. I added the PM capability.
Zoe: Beautiful children. You should be very proud of them. Swimsuit?.........Swimsuit?..........What's a swimsuit?
Paula: I'm glad your father is in a nice place that cares about his comfort. When I had to put my father in a nursing home it wasn't a place that took very good care of him. It was very hard to deal with the care givers. On the other hand, my mother was only in a nursing home for a month before she passed but they treated her with a lot of care and dignity.
Lyn: I'd love to work for your company. I like companies that care about their employees.
Moxie: Welcome back!!!
JoAnne: Sorry about your mother's health. It's hard when we have to see our parents suffer in any way. She is in my prayers.

Congrats to everyone that lost weight and to everyone who didn't, your day will come. Don't give up.
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Quick PS

In order to be fair to the Hershey family...... I know what I posted sounded too horrible to be probably it wasn't......

Consider that most people are too proud to ask for help, and especially those who feel they may have less monetary worth than most, and consider that 80 - 90 years ago, there were no IMs, probably very few telephones (if any?) and mail service between PA & SD probably took in the neighborhood of 1 to 2 weeks, it is most probable that the Hershey family never even heard about the emergency until the poor child was already buried.

Other factors in the story would lay the blame on the doctor of the time that gave the life or death decision to the child due to the fathers' inability to pay. But it is one of those stories that is hard to get out of your head, a story that shouldn't have been but was.

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Hello GG's! Well, the last couple days have been pretty busy here! They are opening a new Wal-mart Super center in Woodland Park--- I decided day before yesterday to go ahead and put in my application. They called yesterday and I ended up having 3 interviews Yesterday!!! Then today had to go down for the drug screening test. I also put in an application for our new hospital that will be opening the first of September. And then today I also had an interview for a receptionist at a auto parts store.! WHEW!!! Just decided that I would try to get something and keep busy while I'm waiting for the phone to ring here and sell the house and misc!

Lynn, We will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers. And know that we are anxious to hear any news that you have.

moxie-- that lasagna recipe looks real good and I'll be anxious to try it. Need to wait for grocery day though. :

Paula-- it sounds like you may have found a very caring place for your Dad. Will be saying prayers that all works out good for you.

Joanne, sorry to hear that your Mom isn't feeling well. Will send special prayers your way also.

Cat-- that sounded like such a neat idea for the wedding.. it would make it so special for all those who had to travel a distance. I think that I will keep that in mind the next time a relative announces they are getting married.

Linda-- I'm with you-- maybe next year I can discover swim suits again!! Not ready this year!!

I did get on the scales this morning and I did lose 1 pound but that wasn't very good. I haven't been doing the WATP's video's the last 3 days and I guess it shows! Have to figure out a way to make sure that gets worked in the daily routine!!

Zoe, I think that I will enjoy getting a bike when I can. Around here is all dirt roads but I think it is 1 mile around our square and I should be able to do that a couple times each day.....maybe. But I know once we get the house sold and then settled in MO. I will definitely get a bike and go on the trails that they have there.

Theresa, Phyllis, Lyn and Lily------- Hello to you too.

Guess I'll go ahead and start winding down for today. Tomorrow is a brand new day and hopefully we will all get good news that we are waiting for.
Goodnight Karen
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Good Morning . . .

Wow . . . this thread just moves soooooo fast . . . I'll probbly never be able to actually keep up . . . but I do enjoy trying . . .

Glad that Friday the 13th is behind us again . . . yesterday was not one of my better days and I ate 700 calories of Aero Dark just to prove it . . . boy it was tasty. Anyway, today is already looking better because our humidity has dropped back to a tolerable level . . . and there's no more chocolate in the house.

My chocolate indulgence reminded me of this little FFFF for today . . .

Between the ages of 30 and 80, we lose 64% of our tastebuds, but our sense of taste still manages to outlast the accuity of all our other senses over our lifetime. Our taste buds are so finely tuned they can detect sweetness at 1 part in 200 and sourness at 1 part in 130,000. The sensitivity to sour probably developed as a protective measure since poisonous foods are more often bitter or sour than sweet.

Okay gang . . . keep things moving and shaking today . . . see you soon.
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Karen- You sure were busy yesterday. Now what are you going to do if all these places want to hire you???
: - Hey a pound is a pound. I would be happy with a half pound.

Linda- Glad to hear the chocolate is all gone so you can't get into it again today. Now the secret is to NOT buy more to tempt you.

I'm off to the shower so my day can begin.
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Hi all, what a busy group this is. I have read all your posts but short on time this a.m.

Lynn, I hope you got an appt. soon...waiting to find anything medical out is the worst part. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Paula, glad your father is doing well ... I know from experience with my mother it is a relief to get them settled in a good place. His attitude sounds good.

Another Hot and Humid day down here.....of course what do we expect in Florida!!!! lol

Back later, Phyllis
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Default Longest Post on record...

Well, I hope everybody made it past the 13th without anything horribly unlucky happening. In MY case, the unluckiest thing was that I didn't go into Boston to work - one of my colleagues and I - Jack, who is my bastion of camaraderie and sanity (That IS how you spell it: I used spellcheck, because it looked so weird when I typed it) in that crazy danged place where we both work, were slated to go up to the north shore - Beverly, MA, and Pride's Crossing - which are bastions of old wealth and "founding families", and meet with an attorney whose sole reason for existence ( or the sole reason for the existence of his law firm) is to handle his family's money. Seriously. They have SO MUCH money - literally billions and billions - spread out across the remaining descendents of a couple of robber-barons who knew a good thing when they saw it, and owned a majority of the textile factories up here in southern New England where children and young girls worked under slave labor conditions twelve hours a day in LOCKED factories that they couldn't get out of if they triedÖ.oh never mind me. I used to be quite a student of the labor movement in this country. Have any of you heard of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York back around the turn of the 20th century? Just TERRIBLE! Okay, never mind me. So, anyway, we had to meet with this "very old money" guy to wangle a contribution for a big project that's underway in BostonÖvery worthwhile project that will serve a huge number of underprivileged kids, so in a way, it's kind of karmic, yes? Abuse generations of kids (and adults) to make your billions, and then your descendents give up a few million to help their descendents? Then, on to a meeting with another elderly gentleman at his home, which is, Cat, not quite on the scale of the Biltmore, but huge at any rate, filled with the most gorgeous, meticulously preserved antiques but also the most current techno marvels, as well - a huge high-def TV, for example, that is cleverly hidden behind a wonderful old (HUGE) original oil painting which rather astoundingly slides aside into the wall (ornate frame and all) when one wishes to watch TV, and of course slides back into place when the TV is not required. Tsk. But, the truth is that heís a lovely, unassuming old fellow whom I get along famously with, and he just loves taking Jack and I to lunch at his ďclubĒ (Only the most exclusive country club on the east coast, almost). Need I mention that he also periodically writes very large checks to our causes? So, things were proceeding swimmingly, when yet another of our codger-friends entered the picture. He was tottering off to the golf course, but we were instructed to WAIT so that we all could have an iced tea together when he finished, and THEN yet another (this time female) codger happened through, and SHE decided to join us for iced tea... and it just went on and ON and ON until we werenít getting ourselves OFF the north shore to make the trek home (73 miles for me) in that famous Friday night traffic nightmare until 5:00. Needless to say, Jack & I had planned our Friday on the north shore thinking that we could skip out and head for home early - say @ 3:00 - and miss all the weekend traffic. Oh, well.
Got home at 7-ish, so it wasnít as bad as Iíd expected, but I was planning to make my wheat pasta w/high fiber, low cal sauce for dinner and just couldnít manage it. DH ate the leftover chicken, brown rice & green beans that Iíd put into a plastic container for MY lunch prior to remembering that Iíd be out for lunch, and I had Fiber One cereal, raisins, and dried cranberries. Wasnít feeling the milk part. THEN I had to stay up long enough to drink down a couple of 16 oz. Bottles of water - we ALL know the dangers of too much fiber and too little water, eh? But it was off to bed very soon after my last swallow.
Oh, MY, this DOES seem to be running on, eh?
Well, Iíll try to be brief here with the rest - I have to go grocery shopping and bike riding, after all.
Jo-annie, and I thought WE (DH & I) were the only ones who went to bed early and were up at 5:30 every morning! I try to sleep in as much as possible on the weekends, but once that sun hits my bedroom window, Iím done for, it seems. Trying to get back to sleep is a useless proposition. Iím up for the day, and then dragging again by 10 at night. Omigosh, Jo-annie! Your kiddo is just so impressive! I love him already! Iím going to check out the Canada Cup and cheer for him! You're right, incidentally, about what's on the inside being more important, even, than what's on the outside. I don't know about ME, but yeah, my kids have pretty awesome insides, too . Oh, I hope your Mom is doing okay...poor thing. Iím sending nice, strong healing vibes. Also sending the same to you, Lynn. And I think youíre right about not telling the kids until they get back and you have some definitive news.
Paula, oh, Iím sure you wonít be relaxing just yet, but it must be good to have him moved and not be waiting every day for phone calls to let you know whatís happening, yes? Try exhaling just a little...
Hey Cat. Yup. Hendersonville is a pretty place. And I hear Asheville is very up & coming, as in a lot of New England transplants, big arts & culture community, etc., etc. There are a few very nice little art galleries on the main street there in Hendersonville that we enjoyed. I DO like the B&B idea for weddings very much - maybe my DS will consider something like that when he and the GF get ready to take the plunge. Our relatives are pretty widely scattered - and a lot of them are very partial to my lovely DS, so they would be highly offended if they werenít invited. Come to think of it, though, we might need six or seven B&Bís to handle the invitees. DH & I could have done that, tho. Just sounds sooo nice. (PS - I love ďchattyĒ.) Oh, and re: our kids not having had the same fun as we did as kids....I agree 1,000%. Sometimes, progress just isnít so progressive when it comes to the things that count.
Moxie, re: your diet not being all you might like it to be...I can only speak for me here, but personally, I LIKE the slow-but-sure approach. I was a little frustrated at first when the pounds werenít just melting off the way they did when I was younger, but now Iíve adjusted, donít feel too deprived, and hey...Iíve been living with this extra weight for a couple of years, now. Itís not going to kill me if Iím not exactly where I want to be for another four or five months, right?
Hope you enjoy your golfing weekend, Lyn...sorry about the car issues. <sigh>
LindaD...for a while, now, Iíve been laboring under the delusion that it was HUMID in southern California. According to DS & his GF, itís no such thing! They said the weather is (usually) just about perfect. Even when itís excessively hot, it stays dry? Oh, jeeze, No WONDER once we New Englanders get out there, we tend to settle in and stay! It certainly sounds like an ideal climate. And you stay so fresh and pretty...despite thinking that you need to lose weight...could it be that we up here in New England (oh, I KNOW I'm way older than you!) just wrinkle from the crappy weather, maybe?
Wow, Karen! Youíre in demand, darliní. Well, take whatever suits you best...itíll certainly relieve some of the tension around trying to sell the house just to have your mind focused elsewhere for a part of the time. I think taking a job is a very smart decision on your part.
Hey, Phyllis...what are YOU up to this weekend? Check in, Lady. Inquiring minds need to know these things...
And Theresa, youíre sure keeping busy, lady. I always perk up when I see your posts, tho...
And hi to you, too, Meowee-Linda, Lily, and Gawd forbid I have missed anybody in this record-breakingly long post. If so, I should be shot, eh?

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Oh Paula . . . believe me I know that . . . I had been doing so well with those little boxes that contain 6 of the 100 calorie bars . . . until yesterday . . . so now they are off my list too. About the only 100 calorie packs I'm okay with are the popcorn and the Skinny Cow fudge bars. . . oh geez, hope I haven't jixed those now.

Grrrr . . .
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I am sorry I did not get back on last night after work...
When I did get home, I put a quick dinner in the microwaveÖ

While my dd was on the phone with her brother, She then asks me do I want to eat at dsís house?
Yes! So we went and had bbq chicken and a small steak on the grill.
NOT cooked by me! And We got to see our dgd. Took her for
a walk down the drive way. (carried as she does not walk yet). She like
cars! Likes to watch them drive by... loves to sit behind the steering wheel.

And gets so mad when its time to go back to see mommy and daddy.
Hopefully she will talk ( and walk ) someday.

Because we have to go by her reactions, to see what she wants.

They took her too a Hospital for splints to be made. For her little legs and hands.
These splints cost over $2000. just for the feet!

Thank God they have insurance that pays 90%.
The drís are saying that with the splints, she should be able to walk. I sure hope so.
Those little feet of hers hit the ground runing, and try so hard. It sometimes just breaks grandmaís heart. (me). The prediction for her walking is the age 3-4 yrs old.
She is so mentally ready to walk, run, fly, DRIVE. she loves movement.
I just know when she is older she will be on every roller coaster in the area.

Good Luck with the job interviews. I am sure keeping busy will help make your waiting easier.
Yesterday was a job day for me too. I went to curves to work out. When I walked in to put my shoes onÖ The owner came over to talk to me.
Out of no where she asked me would I like a job there!

I am seriously thinking about it. I will make a decision by Monday. Most likely I will take this job.

It is exactly one mile from home. not 10.
a few more hrs a week. and I will get my monthly fees paid for by Curves. Same pay.
NO holidays or Sundays.
They close on Sat. at noon.
So I will always have my time off when I really want it.
My son wants me to take itÖ So he can have his cook outs earlier in the day. Not at 7 p.m.

Enjoy that weekend trip. sounds so fun.

no worry about bragging on your kids. That is always the highlight of MY day.
You should be proud of them. How exciting for him to qualify for the races.
I have to say, I have never heard of a hospital without ac. That would not work here.
the patients would be dropping from heat exhaustion.

I think that the wedding you sister had, sounds delightful.
I like a non traditional wedding.
And what a lovely way to get to know your future family.

That sounds like a good work out. I have heard that is the way to get your heart rate up. Keep up the good work girl.

700 calories of chocolate sounds like it would have been right up my alley. I hope you enjoyed it. Donít feel guiltyÖ Just get back up and keep running. It will work out if you are exercising and eating better the next day.

lucky girl, We have not had any rain to speak of about 2-3 weeks. We are officially in a drought here.
The news shows your area with all the rain now. I am so glad to live here though.
We rarely almost never, get tornadoes along the lake shore. I grew up in Huron county, in the farm areas, Tornadoes happened with frequency. They do terrify me.

I am glad to hear your dad has gotten moved. I hope it all turns out to be wonderful place. itís a good thing for himÖ to have a daughter like you.
How long of a drive is it for you?
I donít know much about the homes like that her, I have not had much family in them. I donít believe my place of employment could be related to the homes down there, it is a small private place. with only abut 45 -50 people.
These are like renting apartments with help.
The residents have been complaining finallyÖ The food quantities are getting better. It will take work.

Well I have to get a shower and get some yard work done, and water the plants, rain predicted, will believe it when we see it.
hugs to all off you. back later.

pics of my daughter and granddaughter.
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Oh wow, Theresa, you definitely have to take the job at Curves. It found you so it's just got to be 'the one'. It's Kismet.
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Oh . . . how dumb . . . another senior moment, I guess. Forgot to tell you we've undergone a tiny bit of a name change. We are now the "Age 50+ Forum". Hopefully the new name will deter any more of those sweet young things that keep popping-in thinking our name means more than 50 pounds to lose.

Later . . .
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