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Hi there,

Yea we have a lot of issues and i have tried counseling but my husband manages to find his way out of it. We are in between counselors at the moment as he keeps rescheduling as it is never a good time, i show up but he doesn't. Oh well.

I just got back from my second weigh in LOL what a joke i gained 4 oz. My consultant comes to me saying "what did you do", i was like "why do you assume it is me that did something wrong????" LOL after the fight i had this morning i was not going to let my consultant walk all over me. I told her i did everything i should have except my knee is severely painful limiting me in exercise at the momen, then i told her i was due for my period next week and she breathed a sigh of relief LOL. I told her the attitude i got from her was uncalled for and to never assume i cheated, if i cheated i would account for it as i am a big girl and i am paying them money weekly so duhhhhh if i cheated i would account for it which i never did cheat.

Anyway i am not upset over my weigh in just the way my consultant acted. I am going to just keep on doing what i am doing and that's that.

As far as hubby is concerned, we are staying out of each others way for now until we both cool off and i already tried calling a new counselor, i got an appointment but i am not sure if matt will attend. We are running out of counselors as they want committment in therapy not go once here and once there.

Ok that's enough for now i feel back to normal basically LOL and have to get to work.

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