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I probably shouldnt be writting any of this tonight...this has not been a good "sharing" day with anyone but, last May 26th I had gastric bypass. Im 5'3" and at the time I weighted 248 some thats not alot me it was horrible. My knees and back and hips hurt constantly...I was taking one step at a time cause of the pain. I had sleep apnea, my asthma was very bad, and I truly believed that if I had to stay at that weight...then for me and only me..I would have preferred to die. My doc and I did everything we could to get me to lose weight..and nothing worked long term. Sure I would lose some..only to gain it back in time..I had a gym membership, I walked all the time, worked out all the time and did not lose weight. Also, I had high blood pressure and a screwed up thyroid. So we decided that I would have the surgery.,,and I told my husband, if I dont make it that it was Gods' will and it was totally my decision to have the surgery...that no one could talk me out of it or into it. As far as pills go,...I have all of my life taken lotsss of that was not any kind of problem for me.
Now, today, I have lost 75 lbs ..and NOTHING hurts..I feel better today then I ever did and looked soo much better also but truly that is secondary.
The drawbacks are...when my husband and I go to dinner, no matter what the cost of the dinner I still can eat only about a $1.00 worth of food, the rest of the time..while he is eating I am just enjoying the time with him and the time out. But, a year and 1/2 later that is my only problem, not being able to eat like I could....THANK GOD!!!!
I give Char alot of credit for changing her mind at the last moment. Most ppl by then will do it because they dont want to upset the apple cart. This surgery isnt for does take alot of thought..and soul searching..There are alot of cons..though for me...the pros outweight the cons....the fat I was carrying was going to kill me...this I know. My blood pressure kept going higher and higher..Someday Char you might change your mind...who knows..but in the meantime..I sincerely wish you the very best of luck with your weight loss program, you might be one of the lucky ones and do it the 'old fashion way'. Believe me, this is not the easy way either as so many ppl like to think.
Ohh btw....Im 63 yrs old...
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