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I really want to stress thats not that I am Anti surgery that is not the case....I do believe peolpe honestly NEED WLS. I researched and know sooooo much and I aint kidding.

Its just that I was caught up in the glamour of it all....Like all I could see were the after pictures. I WANTEDto be the after Picture SOOOOO bad. I havent been in the onderlands in 11 years. In those 11 years I have been on Countless diets. I also have been a faithful gym goer.
So guess I also thought why cant it be me... I have worked so hard.

The other site I was frequenting was all of a sudden seeming like peer pressure. Does that make sense? I just wish so many people didnt consider it as a fix all...It is hard work. But as I said before alot of peolple only see the after picture to be a success. And how come no one come out and says yeah it was horrible I gained weight back and now I have health issues...Well I guess no one wants to brag about that.

I was considered as a lightweight. Hello if I am a lightweight, shouldnt I have been persueded to give a conventional lifestlye another shot? My surgeons office was so nice to me. Then when I called to cancel. I was spoken to rudely. Made me realize what a big business it really is.

As for the Jenny Craig thin I wasnt critcizing JC at all. The sarcasim was directed to my MIL. Like she has a fix all in her pocket for every situation. Know what I mean.???

Just want to repeat I dont want to come off like I am anti surgery...I am not. I am PROUD of the courage and dedication to the people who have been able to use their tool and make their WLS a success. I am really sincere about that.

Good luck to all and Thank you for just being here. I think support is part of the battle and if you have it ...IT makes your problems seem smaller Oh and in my case my waist line too,I hope .

Please forgive any typos or mis spelled words. Although I have a college degree and am well educated I cant type to save my life!!!
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