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Screen Name: brattypatti

Age/Age Range: 47

Family Life: Widow w/ 2 grown children (Freddy-22, Elizabeth-26) I have two beautiful grandsons (Ash-Stephen-5, Noah-3) My son still lives at home and my daughter is married and lives in a nearby city w/ her family. My Mom is 78 & lives on the same street as me. I have a brother & sis (Gene & Joyce) who are twins-age 57, and a brother, John who is 51.

Occupation: I have two jobs. I work during the day as a salesman at a sporting goods store (we do school uniforms, business attire, etc) and I work at night as asst. manager of a movie theatre.

Hobbies and Interests: I am a HUGE Nascar fan..(go Tony). I love to read, watch movies, play piano, got to concerts, exercising, etc.

Favorite Music: Country-Hank Williams, Jr., Reba, Toby Keith, etc. I also love the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Celine Dion and tons of others. I like most types of music and listen to oldies alot.

Favorite Color(s): BLUE BLUE BLUE

Favorite Exercise/Workouts:Walking outside is my fav. exercise, but I am into the Yourself Fitness game on Xbox. It is fun. (just started it) I also do the walk away the pounds DVD & am going to purchase a dance DVD for fun soon.

What are your fitness/health goals? I want to reach a healthy weight. I figure around 135, but may go lower after I reach that, if I feel I need to. I want to be able to at least make an attempt to keep up with my grandchildren.

What was the "trigger" or incident that made you decide it was time to lose weight and become more fit? I really dont know what really triggered me. I just had made up my mind over a period of worrying about how huge I was getting.

What do you struggle with the most on this journey to health? I have very little patience and I struggle to stay with the program and not get mad and frustrated when I dont see the results that i think I should.

What are three things in the area of diet/exercise you need to improve? I need to add fruit to my diet. I am terrible about getting any fruit in. I do well with whole grains and salads, but seems every time I buy fruit, I end up letting it ruin.

(Evil motivation ) Who do you want to look better than? : I would love to get skinny and go to my class reunion next summer (30th 1976) and look better than my old snobby cheerleader type classmates.

What can you not wait to wear when you are at goal weight or size? I cant wait to wear shorts and I cant wait to wear jeans that dont have elastic in the waist !
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