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Default MS and cardio?

Hi all - I am a regular on the LWL section of this board and am currently being evaluated (OK, poked and prodded) and, working backwards, trying to rule out MS. I have a pretty intense workout schedule including cardio most days, 3x a week strength training, and 2 days either Pilates, yoga or some mix. I had also been training for a marathon since Apr. I have not done any cardio workouts since Sep 19. One of the things the neurologist has said is not to get overheated, as this can bring on attacks and increase the severity of the one I am in now, if it is actually MS. On the other hand, I am still cleared to use the gym and work out if I feel up to it. So, all you experts, how do you do cardio and not get overheated? I have been doing varied cardio, but I do ususally keep my heart rate at 60-70% wth intervals to 85 or higher. I do sweat. I am afraid that I will not get the benefits (physical or, more importantly, emotional) at a 40-50% level. Thanks.

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