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Hi everyone!

Jane - I think the dr. is doing cryosurgery. My daughter needed it to be done on a Fri. after work so she doesn't have to take time off and Nov. 18 is the 1st Fri. available. The factory where she works is so strict about time off, they get "points" for every day they're off, even for surgery or with a dr. excuse. After 8 points in a year they're fired. Really tough bosses! Hopefully they have a cancellation and she will get in sooner.

Just got home from work & starting supper. Looks like I'll be taking care of my granddaughter, Chloe, for a few hours so Mom can go out with some friends. I know we'll have to go out to the pond to feed the fish, she loves to do that!
Hubby has had some troubles yesterday and today with words & forgetting their meanings. One more thing to tell his dr.
Time to go, just wanted to say "hi" to everyone!

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