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Good Afternoon

Totally craving beans. Hopeless cause - going to Wendys for a large chili in a second.
Wanted to say hello!! Had a headache again with my assistant, so that has taken up all my free time. She will be written up now -

Girls and I are enjoying homelife - oh joy. Rach is such a messy little creature!! I go in there at night and clean.

Work is great. Have not weighed in weeks - clothes still fit though.

Have a "date" tomorrow with a co worker. The same one that I was in the Rose Festival with and worked with for 6 months. We don't work together now but see each other at trainings. Anyway - weary of this whole dating thing but he has asked several times and might as well just get it over with. lol

I better get - just wanted to pop in and say hello!!!!!! Gazelle?? I know it is an exercise thing but what does it look like? Like a rowing thing?

ahhhhh - beans call , chat later

always splash in puddles,always go out in public with tangled hair, always eat chocolate for dinner,always lay on tummy to watch cartoons,always play before chores are done,and never wear a puffy coat again. ~Inspired by Gaby
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