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Talking Joining the Gym!

I think I mentioned this is another thread that someone else had started somewhere but I am SO excited about it I had to make my own thread! I am joining the gym! I go on October 10th so I made my October 13th goal! I am so excited to have a place I can go away and focus only on ME! I can exercise, lift weights, sit in the sauna, sit in the jacuzzi... aaaahhh! I've been kind of slacking on my plan lately and I think it's because of the lack of change in my routine. I've been doing Taebo pretty religiously M-F for four months straight. BLAH! I am going to have SO much selection at the gym. Plus, I get 6 free 30 minute sessions with a personal trainer and they do a visual fitness planner. Plus, they use fitlinxx which let's you keep track of everything you do on their machines, etc. I hope this is going to be the step I needed to 100% truly succeed. If anyone is interested in the gym I am going to be attending (even though I think I am the only person on here from this area), check it out @

I just have to keep telling myself... I CAN AND WILL BECOME THE FIT HOT CHICK I WANNA BE! All right, tootles!

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"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going."
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