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So I guess as the plans change color they lose food. It sounds like the purple has less food than the red...and the gold less than the purple? I am on the red plan right now.

Menu so far today:
Breakfast--cereal bar, cottage cheese
mid morning snack--nulight
lunch--(didnt pack it, had to go to cafateria)--lettuce salad with a little broccoli and grilled chicken...a peach (not on the salad ) fat free italian dressing
mid afternoon snack will bea nulight if I make it to the center to get some more! I am out!!

Has anyone tried the cream of chicken soup they have for the nulight? I saw that the box said to mix it with 1 cup of water. I was thinking maybe you could mix it with a little less water and put it over chicken that you bake in the oven. Kind of like you can do with cream of mushroom soup. What do you gals think???

I am desperate here for meat that isnt dry. I dont eat red I am just about to go crazy with all the chicken, turkey and fish I am eating.

Will post after weigh in this afternoon!
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