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Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.

Ive been on LAWL for 6 weeks and have lost 15 pounds. Before this I was on WW for almost 2 years..started after my third child was born and at my 6wk post partum visit I was 203. I lost 50 pounds on WW and then NOTHING for almost nine months- a HORRIBLE plateau.

I got sick of complaining about it at the end of August and despite the money, am THRILLED with far I have met their little 2lb/wk loss they guaranteed me although with my experience, Im secretly expecting it to end anytime. I am 5'4 and 36yrs old.

135 will be the best shape I have ever been in. Prepreg normal weight was upper 180's. I admit I am a little compulsive and have trouble viewing myself accurately and am not satisfied with being in 6's (although I NEVER would have imagined EVER being in a 6 at all and I just got into them through the help of LAWL) for some reason.

Will I be happy as a 4? I hope so, but my best friend who is my greatest support (with the diet and my exercise partner) is 5'1 and a size 2-4 is worried about me taking it too far.

Hopefully by talking it out here Ill avoid that since the one thing LAWL DOES lack for me is a community feeling. Seems like you walk out into the reception area and everyone there is there for the same reason yet no one EVER smiles at the other person or chit chats while waiting, etc. Maybe its just the area I live in, I dont know..but its nice to talk to other LAWL people so thanks for being so welcoming...I know some of my first posts may have given a bad impression (my comment on center staff- oops!). I am glad to have found this site

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