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Mary - it's truly amazing how much going off meds can affect a person in just a day or two, isn't it? DH is on a thyroid med, too, and I can always tell if he's forgotten to refill his prescription. At least he's diligent about remembering to take it! Has your DH been on it long - is he struggling to adjust to this addition to his morning routine on top of all the other stuff that's been going on in your lives? Hang in there, girl! Glad Eli's procedure went well and that he's feeling better already.

I'm bummed with myself - I invited my mom out to dinner last night, then didn't make very good choices (chicken quesadillas and a couple potato skins) - it's interesting, I've identified WHY I never seem to make "the best" choices when eating out, but I'm still not taking steps to change the behavior.

Today is supposed to be WI day for me and DH, but I don't think it's going to happen because DH is currently passed out in bed after staying up all night with a gaggle of teenage girls at a church lock-in, and I'm not putting off breakfast for hours and hours while he catches up on his beauty sleep!

Have a good weekend, gals - there's nothing on my schedule for today, so it must be house-cleaning day!

Counting down to my pre-pg weight:
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