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Good morning, chickies!

A beautiful October day! What are my goals for this month? Make as much headway as I can to my 10/31 goal of 178 - that's home weight, not center weight. . . Continue to strive towards the exercise. . . I'm going away for a few days, so I want to be as POP as I can while eating restaurant food. (I have not been in the 170's for about 4-5 years, so this will be MAJOR for me)

TOM started yesterday, so it is doubly surprising that I had a good WI yesterday, and the scale was still at about 187 this morning, so I'm very pleased! This must be one of those clumps that happen every so often. . .

Bre - about weights, I find it much easier to do them along with a tape instead of by myself. Have you tried that?

Kate - we're about the same weight- I'd love to lose between 20-25 pounds by the middle of December. Let's keep our fingers crossed (while we're not holding that water bottle!)

Karen -- if I may make a comment, and you probably won't see this until Monday - the bad thing about having the treat is when you feel like you have to hide it. .. That is one of my OWN personal really BAD habits. I've gone thru several full fat icecream binges that way -- along with *whole* layer cakes. . .my friends when I eat with them couldn't understand why I was overweight when I only ate salad and chicken.

Mary, it seems that you and DH have had a little bit more stress lately than normal, and he is reacting to this? First he's had really long shifts at work, and then you had the stress of Rita, and then dealing with Eli and his mother -- this may just be him needing a little more TLC. . about the computer - can you get a laptop that can be folded up and put away when it's not in use? Obviously, if he's not taking his meds he may not feel physically alright, either, and this is just one of his ways of reacting to it. (I, personally, react by eating!)

Hugs to all chicks!

Birthday goal (181.2-165)

Long Term Goal!

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