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Hi everyone. I also read this article. As a matter of fact I went searching for it yesterday again! I have it right here. I am reading it again! I went to to read more about the book and see what others on there had to say about it. It appears to be a good book.

I am looking into all of these books: The ph Miracle For Weight Loss, Screaming To Be Heard, The Thyroid Diet, and of course Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?. If anything I end up just reading about them and reading the remarks other people said about the books on amazon. I am going to ask my library if they have any of the books above. I doubt it though. Small town, tiny library. Most books I have had to buy to see.

I am being tested today for thyroid problems. I have been dieting for a long time now. And all I have done (on several different diets!) is gain more and more weight! In May I was 180! I am now 195! On August 1 I seen my doctor and she weighed me in at 184. She told me to do calorie counting. So I have been doing that. I am still gaining and gaining. So yesterday she told me to get into the office and get some blood tests done. So I am going this afternoon. Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong and get is taken care of. Hopefully it is nothing to serious! I am threatened with (which I have to remind my doctor because my doctor does not know - I didn't have these doctors during my pregnancies) diabeties. I had gestational diabeties with my last pregnancy. Whatever it is, I hope it is easily cured and my weight comes off!

Thanks for bringing this up though! I was searching the web for info. on that article!
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