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Default good day!

Hey everyone!! It sounds like everyone is having a great day!! And it does seem like a lot of us have weigh ins tommorow. I have mine! I always get nervous right before a weigh in. I guess that probably sounds silly, but I always get this feeling that the scale is going to go up instead of down!! There has been twice that HAS happened, but both times I bounced right back. I try to be careful about what I wear...I don't want the scale to go up just because I wore overalls or something!!!

I can't tell you ladies how grateful I am to have found this board!! I too looked at the LA site to see if they offered one, but honestly their site doesn't really offer to much at all. (imho) It is so nice to have an online support system. Whenever I'm starting something new, I go straight for the computer and I haven't been let down yet!!!

By the way.....I have both MSN IM and AOL. My Aol screename is....SasseMom and my MSN is [email protected] Feel free to IM me anytime!!!

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