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Okie dokie... seem to have it now.


Thanks for contacting Suzanne. I had visited the L A site prior to discovering this nice board. I had send them and inquiry and suggestion concerning a message board where clients could come together and support one another. I was so pleased to find your gathering place. Thank you Suzanne for having us! I just received a reply from Customer Service which said that they would pass my request along. Not sure if it will surface or get buried in the shuffle... but, the welcome mat here is nice. Thank you all!

I've had 48 oz water... not too much of a problem to get mine in... especially since I told the diet coke to move over cuz water came to the rescue!

I made it a personal goal to limit the diet cokes that I had per day... the plan said 2... I said 1. I had one can for Dinner last night. It was the first diet coke that I had had in 4 days. WOW!, it had been nothing for me to have 4 (or more) per day! I'm doing it! Now to just follow the plan.

I hope that your interview went well! I hope that you are so happy that you are with happiness!

I wanted to say hello to all of you who I have not yet met. I wish the best for each of you! Happy plans and good health to you.

Opps... almost forgot... Jibbelle, I have AOL. My email address is threemarshalls.

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