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I did the 6 week body makeover and so did my husband, for about a month. It worked well for him, he dropped about 35 - 40 lbs within like the first 3 weeks. The food is too restrictive, i just think 1/8 of a can of tuna on one lettuce leaf is not a meal in any way. I was so weak once that I almost passed out at work. And you can forget about excercse, first off there really isn't much of an exercise program, but even if there was - you'd be to damn weak to do it. We returned it for a refund. It works well to drop a lot of weight fast though.
I think if you were just barely overweight by like 15-20 lbs it would be tolerable. I think it's meant more for the "i wanna fit in my wedding dress" kinda situations. By no means is it a permanent lifestyle adjustment or in anyway something you can continue to use beyond the allotted time - if you even make it that far.
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