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Well, personally, I think the kit is a ripoff from what I've seen and heard.

Since the portions are so tiny and the food list is so limited (most everyone I've heard of who bought the kit and did the quiz to determine their 'body type' ended up on the most restrictive food plan) you are bound to lose weight if you stay on it - but the issue I have with it is that this strikes me as more of a 'crash diet' - in other words - go ****-bent-for-leather and lose as much weight as humanly possible in 6 weeks - but does not really seem to address the lifestyle change aspect.

You would be better served, IMO, by saving your money and buying one of the EXCELLENT weight loss/fitness books out there - such as Body for Life for Women by Pamela Peeke (there are quite a few others - you might want to go to the library and 'read before you buy' to separate the wheat from the chaff!). Resistance/body sculpting bands are very inexpensive - you don't need to pay $120 plus shipping for some kit - has them for $7.50-$11.50 (depending on resistance level).

And of course, you have 3FC right here at your fingertips for support and info.

Wanted to add a CAVEAT - I know the marketer of this kit offers a "money back guarantee, no questions asked" for people who complete the six weeks and don't get the results they want. Be advised that the 'six week clock' starts ticking the day the kit arrives at your house - not whenever you actually start the plan...I've seen a lot of people end up $120-200 poorer because they didn't realize that
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