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Hi everyone. Well, I am back at it. Emma is doing much better. On Thursday we rushed her to the doctor and she gave me a panic attack. She was coughing and weezing. At the doctor she started to choke on her flem and I panicked. 2 doctors and about 3 nurses came running and that freaked me out more. But she was OK! It is so hard to watch a 4 month old baby go through that. She picked this bug up from daycare, and as of today 2 babies are out because of RSV... BUT, Emma did not get that. I think we caught it before it got too bad. I am so thankful!!

As for me, WI was Saturday and I was down 1.4!! yah for me! TOM started and dealing with Emma being sick, I was sure I had gained.. but I didn't. Chalk one up for me!!

Belle... Give the guy so much room he doesn't know what to do with himself! That is the true test of whether he is really in for the long haul! I am proud of you! And, only 1 pound up is so great... especially since you haven't been OP much lately! I know I would be up much higher!!! GOOD JOB!! You must be doing something right!!

CONGRATS to all the other losers too!!!!

Kay... I am with you on the laundry... and it only gets worse. My hubby goes through more laundry than I do... I can't believe it! No wonder he had his mom do it before we met! And now with Emma.... it is amazing. I am doing laundry almost every night! I used to like it, now it is a chore!!

Ali... I am not a huge DQ fan, but we have Culvers here which has frozen custard. That stuff is so bad for you, but I love it!!!! I didn't know DQ had a 1 point treat! I should check that out!

Well, I better get back to work. It is 3:00 here and I can't believe the day has flown by. I feel like I have gotten nothing done, but I have been working so hard all day! I hate that!

have a great day!


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