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hey T! Yeah, I know what you mean, and I guess I realized that I was feeling slightly smothered too -I miss going home and having more time to myself to workout takemy dogs for a walk, that sort of thing. So I suppose I needed my space too - of course, its awesome that we had a nice few days with no mood swings or anything like that....

You know, I haven't been able to WI lately at all b/c of my new job and too busy life - I have decided that I'll go on my lunchour - there is a mtg downtown here every day at lunch - so if I have to work through lunch on one day, I have not real excuse for not going on another day...I feel really bad and need to get it together - at least I have been doing some tracking, but if I am going to be very very honest....the past 4 days have been HORRIBLE eating wise and very little exercise- I don't think bowling counts too much!!

BUT I have to walk to my car now - and it takes about 15-20 min each way - so that will add a few "steps" to my day.....

I think I'll try to sneak out this lunch hour to WI so I can see what teh damage is and move on!!!

ARGH!! That's scarey, its almost time now...

Now the inner fight begins, to go or put it off to tomorrow....


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