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Wow I caught up!

Hi Ladies, I am back!!! Mickey says hi.

Jane, I am so sorry to hear about the house. I can just imagine the heart ache of having to bring the house down.

Cristi, great idea with the drapes. I don't have any heavy drapes in this house but did in our old house and the dry cleaner used to just smile when he saw me coming.

Andrea, welcome to our group. I like Avril too,

Susan good to hear your enjoying your new job! Loved the note you gave your old boss,,,laughed.

Hello to everyone else,
gotta make this short,,,heading off to work.
Gas prices have hit $1.14 a litre which if you do the math its like 4.30 a gallon And from what Ive heard we are the lowest in the country. Down east its 1.49 which would make it over 5 dollers Yikes!
The holiday was fantastic! I wish I was still there. We rented a house which was nicer then At least the bed was,,,Monte and I are talking of buying a new matress after sleeping in ours the last couple of days,,,ouch!
The weather was hot with a light breeze,,,perfect. Disneyland for 3 days was hate to say this a bit much,,,next time with be 2 days. Universal Studios was fun as usual. And the SHOPPING! I had to buy 3 suitcases to come home with all our Found an outlet store in Commerce City,,Citedel. Etnies / Vans/ DC/ eS shoes are really expensive here,,,around 80 on sale. We hit this sale there where we paid 2 for $30. And with Brandon's tiny size 13-14 super wide feet we stocked up. He was almost giddy

Im back at work,,,we are seriously shorted staffed,,,infact the whole city is shorted staffed,,,the oil market has boomed and so big paying jobs are available and well the other places are hurting for staff. Including our dept. Normally we have 22 ppl working,,, we are down to 13.
Well I should get going...glad to be back,,,missed you all.



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