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Hi again gals!!

I just got off the phone w/Jhanai and she was telling me all about her first day in Middle School. She loves it! And I knew she would. She had fun and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. So happy to hear that. Sometimes kids have a bad first day back.

ok, time for some individuals:

Judy--Have a safe trip to Nova Scotia and check in when ever you get some time. Hugs to your mother! I think it's wonderful that you'll be there for her!

Andrea--Another Gazelle owner!! We should start a gazelle challenge here! That's if only I got on mine more! I can understand your husband being hestitant to changing programs to lose weight. If his blood sugar is in the normal range now, it's probably a good idea to stick w/what you two are doing to make it work. And I think it's wonderful that the two of you are doing it together. Always nice to have a someone right there for support whose doing the same thing.

Jane--Nope, it was me who posted pictures of the Enchanted forrest. It really is a fun place for little kids.....and the big kids too! Here is a link to the place in case any of you are curious as to what this place is like.
I have to say, Taco's sound good!! Last night I made Hodge Podge soup. SOOO good. It's like a comfort food. Warms you right up. (not that it's cold here)

Beth--I've never had Pheasant. I see a lot of them in the country here though. But I don't ever hear of Pheasant hunting. I also never hear of Dove hunting....but that may be because we don't have any around! Sorry to hear that DD is feeling homesick. I remember being miles away when I first moved out of my house....I missed my siblings the most! Now a days, we try to do the most we can w/our crazy schedules...which isn't much. I have one sister who is in Florida, I haven't seen her in years, and I miss her and her family very much. Wish they would move closer to the West Coast.

Katy--Glad you had fun w/the kids. Jhanai loves all the things there except the haunted house. This coming from a girl whose favorite holiday is Halloween! She went in once and that was it. I had forgotten that the State Fair was going on. I had gone to it once. Way back in highschool w/my best friend and boyfriend at the time (his name was James too) we had fun. Maybe next year I'll go.

Sue--The festival/flea market sounds like it was so much fun! I would love to stroll through something like that! And now that you've mentioned Chicken Fajitas...I just may have to make some this weekend. How did the family reunion go? My family hasn't had a reunion in years! We are all so spread apart all over the states that it would be hard. But it sure would be fun to do that one more time!

Cristi--Let V play hooky and go to the fair!! I didn't go to either of the fairs we had going. Just to little town festivals which are just as fun. I'm so happy that you and V are getting into the walking together! I would love to have James go on walks w/me. But it's hard to get to do anything lately. I am very grateful that his schedule for this weekend kept him close to home. It goes back to the way it was on Thursday. Then in a week or so he's off to Utah for a couple of weeks.

Katie--Congratulations on the weightloss!! Hurray for you and Tim!! That is just absolutely wonderful!! I bet you two are feeling more energetic too. Which gets me thinking that if I want more energy I need to move more! I feel as though I'm in a slump. But I will pull out of it soon.....I'm sure of it!

Angie--You must be in Disney Land by now! How I envy you!! Hope your foot doesn't give you too much trouble as you're walking around. Tell us all about it when you get back!

Susan-Ellen-Mindee-Pam-Dee-Kathy-Karla-Terri--and whoever else I may have missed, come back and tell us how you're doing!!

Ok....My muscles in my back are aching and a shower sounds so good right now. So I suppose I'll stop yappin for now and talk to all you gals tomorrow!

Hugs to all!

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