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Hi Everyone
I have been having problems with my computer YET again, I am back however(using my computer at work.....) Missed WI last week(valentines) but I went last night and I am down 3# I was quite happy, I stayed OP most of last week, I kinda went off on the weekend but not to the extreme!! I am busy packing and I am hoping that hauling around the boxes will show another drop on the scales Moving day is on March 24 and I have to do everything myself(and I am the worst procrastinator..) and there does not seem to be enough hours in the day

Well the boss keeps walking past so I had better wrap this up before he comes to my desk
Ali: Have a blast at the BNL concert, I went Tuesday night and it was a RIOT. They put on the most entertaining show I have ever seen. I will definatley be going back!!!! I can't say enough good things or express how excited I was to be there through this post, but you will understand it once you see them.....If anyone else has a chance to go(have you been yet Belle??) see them it is totally worth the $$$$..

Hope everyone has a great OP day.......

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