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Hi everyone. One more day till the weekend.. YAH!! Emma is still sick (thanks for asking). SHe threw up at daycare and last night. But no fever, so that is great. I think all her coughing and stuffy nose made her sick. I can understand, and I feel so sorry for my precious!!! SHe is still perky and giggly tho, so at least she is not letting it get the best of her! What a fighter this little 4 month old is!!!

I am doing OK. I made chicken lo-mein last night and loved it. I may have eaten more than I should, but it was lowfat and wonderful!!! This time around on WW I am not letting myself be deprived. I think that is why I was in a rut when I got PG. THank god I got PG and it gave me a break from counting. Now I am much happier on WW.

Belle... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am glad you are not giving in and you said NO to him coming along on family time. You sound so much more energized!!! That is GREAT!!

Trish... have fun at Oprah! I am in Wisconsin and always wanted hit some talk shows in Chicago. You know Jerry Springer is there too. You go from classy Oprah to trashy Jerry. Have fun and tell Oprah we all want to meet her!!

Tonya.... Ohhhh PIZZA... my weakness. I refuse to give it up. I think I am addicted to pizza like Trish is to Dr. Pepper. I could eat it everyday, but we all know that would not be a good thing!!

HELLLLOOOO to everyone else. Have a wonderful day! I need to get back to work (blahhhhh)...


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