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sarah/trish - i've been thinking the same thing about work too! i think it is cos this week i've had no attention span to speak of and i feel so bored/tired (still recovering from being off sick last week). i'm hoping to get back into work mode when i come back from a week off. b/f and i are going to the lake district (in northern england) for a week of walking, drinking, eating and hochmagandy...
i def don't want to work forever. staying at home with the kids is sooooo tempting! of course, first i need to get my own home and some kids. oh, and a husband to be the breadwinner!
trish - yeah on staying within your points!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLE! (have you checked your hotmail account recently? ) you sound like you've got things sorted in your head. well done!
Julie - have a great time in Las Vegas!
Brenda - you sound like you're losing motivation for why you're doing this. are you still trying to juggle too much? the best thing about ww is that you can eat a healthy diet which should make you feel better and that will help other aspects of your life. have you decided whether or not to get the coat? i would prob go for it, cos different sizes in coats isn't so drastic as in trousers. if the coat ends up being a bit big it will prob still look ok (that's what i've found with some of my coats anyhow). or you could do what lolly suggests and get a cheaper version to tide you over and save the proper one as a getting to goal treat.
kim - don't fret on the gain. see what happens next week - remember it is the overall loss which counts. good luck getting to the gym, i know i find it hard sometimes. at least it is lighter in the mornings now.
ali - well done on finishing the midterm. be good to see you if you make it over here. you should visit the Cadbury factory in Birmingham if you want to see a lot of chocolate!
Jen - hope Emma is ok. hope you are ok too!#
stacey - how you doing stranger? how long till the big day now?
casey - well done on the loss!
trish - have fun at oprah! remember to tell her about us and make her pay for everyone on the site to meet up!!

big hellos to tonya, lolly, lolabooey, suzanne and everyone else. i best go work!!


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