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Hi Guys! Sorry I was MIA yesterday - we had a day in the country, at blokey's place, and took my parents to see the two potential wedding venues. Fortunately, they preferred the one we love, the barn in the country, so now we have to look into booking it. Eek! That's scary - once we hand over a deposit, the wheels will really be in motion. It's only just over a year to go now ... Also I have identified the shop where I want to get my wedding dress, Monsoon, I don't know if it's in Canada or the US. Actually I would buy my whole wardrobe from there if I was rich ... the colours! The fabrics! At the moment I just make do with a skirt ... but I will get a summer dress after Easter. This is the best feeling, I haven't been able to buy summer dresses (apart from tents) for the longest time. I wonder what will be the fashion this year? I liked the spaghetti strap, flirty ones last year ...

Hellooooooooo Kim and Sarah - I wonder where everyone else is? Though I guess you're all just getting to work around now. I keep forgetting about the time difference. Sarah - snow? Really? Wow, I've just been thinking how it seems like Spring is on the way!

And now an animal song:


I hope you have a fabberooni day! What did you do last night in the end? Like Lola, I got goosebumps when I read that post of yours. I was so happy for you that you are making the decision to put yourself first. Sometimes I read your posts and you remind me so much of me it's scary. And like Julie says, you have so many things going for you right now - WE WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT THEM!!! I mean the job, the modelling, the scrapbooking (what is that? I don't think we have it here), EVERYTHING. And have a huge birthday hug to round it all off

Tonya - I hear you on the fried food. Maybe now our bodies know what the good stuff is, they don't want us going back to the bad stuff - what do you think?

Julie - enjoy Vegas! Is there a normal town there too or is it all as flashy as it looks in the cinema?!

Brenda - go with the IOU on the coat. It's so hard to tell what size you will end up. Maybe you could get a fake one to tide you over before then? And don't feel bad about the problems you're having staying OP. Like you said, focus on the losses. But maybe you could pinpoint a day to recommit, and starting then, follow the program for a week like it's your first week. I did it with the new program and the powerboost (remember me going on about the hot lemon?!) and it felt pretty good. And I hope the PL (?) thing sorts itself out. It's tough when stuff changes and there's nothing you can do about it. Oh, and yes, fanny pack is the funniest! Really! I'm giggling now just writing it. Cyberhug for you too for making me smile!

Ali - yay! on the exam. Tell us if you come to the UK, won't you? And that goes for anyone else who might be making a trip across the Pond ...

Hey, Suzanne! Hope things settle down for you. Let us know if we can help you witht he recommitment thing

Jen - how's Emma?

Stacey - how are the teeth/holes?

Trish - hey! how's things?

Casey - yay! on the 3lbs down and the virgin fat - isn't it the greatest feeling?!

Big hugs to everyone else out there too. I'm feeling huggy today!

Now I have to go and get ready for a meeting - I'm welfare adviser to one of the Oxford colleges and I have to go to lots of training sessions. Today is LGBT welfare training. Should be interesting. Then I have a seminar on interdisciplinarity in the humanities (really!). Then I get to go home and have stirfry with my boy. Yum!

Before I go, though, have any of you guys tried out the chatroom here yet? I was in there yesterday morning (UK time) and it was so much fun! We should arrange a time to rendezvous - you can set up a private room. How cool would that be?!

Take care!

ps:- as if this wasn't enough of a monster post, I'm back for more - Trish, Lola, looks like we were posting at the same time. Helloooooooo!
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