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Hope last night was good, and that you're still strong.

I went to the movies last night, and overindulged. I snuck in air-popped popcorn, but unfortunately the licorice called my name. Could have been worse, though. So, I'm declaring today treat free!!! I know that's my downfall. I hate going home to the journal and seeing 6 points gone on treats. I think: I could have eaten so much fo those points. It goes to show this is still a day-by-day thing.
The other thing that makes me sad is realizing how similar maintenance is from losing. I guess there's a hope that I'll be able to eat "like before" -- but then I have to catch myself and realize that the way I ate before was not normal. My WW eating (even when losing) was MUCH more normal than that. I'm almost at Lifetime, so I'm still learning...
Hope everyone has a great day!

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