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Hello everyone.
Casey: Congrats!
Belle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So, how did last night go? I hope well. have fun with your mom (I think that you said you were going out with her tonight). I like spending my b-day with my parents. That is a special bond day that we have together.

Stacy, I am having a mental block and I don't remember what you said, but I know you posted after me...ahhh...well, I will go and check. I feel so bad. I am sorry.

Kim: you sound like you did great last night and got back on track. That is important. And sometimes we need nights on the couch watching the grammys.

Well, I stayed on track yesterday. Came in at low points. I am going to Chicago this weekend to see Oprah. It should be fun, but with my sister and mom coming in from Ohio to go with me (oh, and I am making my hubby go too. He is really getting ribed at work about it. Ha Ha HA) so anyway, I want to have some points really banked.

The only thing I am not doing is getting in all my water. In the past, this was never really a challange for me at all. But now, I am so addicted to Diet Dr Pepper (I might have mentioned this in the past...) I have been cutting back and switching to caffein free, but really, this much soda can not be good. This is something to work on.


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