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rabbit, I am in Mississippi but a good 3 hours inland. So, while we had some damage in our area nothing devastating. There are still power outages but those are slowly but surely being fixed. The biggest problems we are seeing now revolve around gas. First of all, it is very hard to find and if you do you are looking at no less than a three hour wait in line. Abandoned cars are everywhere because people are running out of gas while they are out looking for stations. I'm not even going to the gym because I can't justify using the gas to get there until we start to see things settle down. Plus, many of the trucking companies can't get diesel or, if they have their own pumps, can't get through the roads so grocery staples and such take a little effort to get as well. Also, we have so many people from out of town who evacuated here that the demand outweighs the supply. People seem to be working together for the most part though. Lots of carpooling, and most neighborhoods have organized "store runs" - nobody goes to the store without asking if anybody else needs something while they are out. We are taking turns driving goods to the shelters so that we all aren't eating gas for a small load, etc. It has definately changed the way we live for the foreseeable future. But, again, I am very fortunate that my family is safe and sound so I certainly don't complain.

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