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Morning all!
I woke up to cool, clouds & rain this am - what a change - it feels kinda nice - the last few days I've felt a little hint of fall in the air.

Melissa - good luck on your weigh in - it sounds like you've had a pretty good week.

Laurel - yes yes please tell Melissa & I about this "Word Whomp" game - sounds intriguing. Great story about paying $43 for a "dump" - isn't that just how it goes.....

lalala - I've posted a gain in the last two weeks (& tonight doesn't look too promising, either) - I know it's because I've been on vacation - when I get out of my element, it's much harder for me to keep tabs on the eating. We can motivate each other to keep on plugging away - plus look for motivation from Patch & her THREE POUND LOSS!! You travel so much more, I admire the fact of how well you do - I shudder at the thought of where I'd be if I was on the go as much as you. Sometimes I feel a little like Eeyore as well - I get a little of what I call the "PLOM" disease - Poor little old me - & then I see or hear about someone who really has some challenges & then I snap out of it.

The boss is on vacation this week, so I feel a little more like goofing off althought it's hard since I have to account for all my time. I wonder howAustinGal is doing??

Check in with you gals later,
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