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Hello dahlings,
I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life today. Really. I think I'm being rather the eeyore on this board, so I will apologize.

We are experiencing the marine layer of the morning prior to a high of 80. Its rather nice to get up in the am and enjoy a few hours of nice weather before one wishes to put one's belly on the tile floor.

We went out to eat last night with some friends who eat out alot and not well, if you know what i mean. It wasn't the disaster I was thinking it would be. Its a fish and chip bar at one of the most famous (yet touristy) seafood places in seattle. Lucky for me they had their alder smoked salmon at the fish bar, so I did't have to make any bad choices. We took our food and ate it at one of my favorite local parks, so that was nice. I even managed to get to the gym for a workout.

DP bought plane tickets for London/Paris for next month. Yikes. I was just sort of joking, but she went ahead and did it. I guess I better hustle and get some poundage off. Its our 10th anniv. weekend, so I promised a nice celebration lunch at a really cool cookbook store that makes saturday lunch out of all the new cookbooks that come in. Its pretty neat and a bit crazy since all the shoppers can watch you eat. Anyways, its going to be a short trip and I'm going to have to work the three day weekend before to make up the time, but that's okay, it's work thats gotta get done!

kt: pickling and canning are pretty easy to do, its just alot of work. As I can tomatoes in 85 degree heat and the house is full of tomatoes, canning jars and fruit flies I ask myself "Self,
muir glen organic tomatoes are .99/28 oz. can, is this worth it?, I could be sleeping, eating, working out or doing yoga", but then again, there is nothing like a full larder before the winter.

okay, i'm droning. stop me.

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