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Ok, ok, someone did indeed oil the armadillo because he has moved again...


I am so thrilled, and I am thrilled for all of you who lost too- Misty, so close to Onederland!! And OutaDaSlump- what a great start!! Lizzy made ST goal- yippee!!!!!!!! And Kitty, I didn't miss your achievement- 3lbs is a whopper for the week! Way to go!! Dancing bananas all around!

NOW: Maggie- I am proud of you too. I know how disappointed you are today, and how frustrated you are, but I am going to scold you a little- brace yourself-


Please, don't abuse yourself verbally or mentally about your gain- It is true, I did the same thing when my armadillo wouldn't go the way I wanted him to, but Maggie, you are still here, and you are still trying, I know you are. Like I said in a previous post, you are up against things I do not have to face- I NEVER have fancy dinner meetings or spend any time at the Wladorf (and I'm SURE I never will!!) I have stress, and I overeat too- we ALL do it. I see it all the time on this forum. You're going to lose again, you already know this. This is a minor setback, even if it doesn't feel that way to you right now.

I'm giving you some bananas as well, because you deserve them. You make me laugh, you inspire me, you are honest with us, and you keep coming back, keep at it even when it is hard, and that deserves bananas even more than the losses do...

So take this:
And this:

And most of all, take this:

We're all in this together, and I think I can speak for the group when I say we're behind you all the way.


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