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Hey there!
dianne25 is a birth control pill, u are probably using someing the same, maybe just a different name
now im on this i dont feel like a hormonal freak anymore! i used to be so up and down all the time, its easier to not eat coz im not so emotional, and i think that the weight is coming off too coz im on it. i do think one the the reasons that i have this though is because i was overweight, so me loosing this weight has been not just for me to be thinner, but to be healthy too. im hoping that i can eventually just control it by keeping my weight down. coz i dont want to be on the pill forever. im very lucky that i have a good doctor that cared to find out more about me than say it was in my head.coz basically most everyone thought i was just fat and lazy, umm ok, i was that too LOL.
but its good to know that this has a name and im not a freak!!
but anyways thanks for responding byes!
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