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Hi all-

kt: welcome back from vacation! I trust you are nice and relaxed... only three weeks until labor day!

melissa: glad its cooled down, I'm aiming for the mid 70's myself. I'm jealous you have started canning already. I'm looking at september for tomato sauce , salsa and chutney. Its blackberry season around here, so I'm up for some jamming soon.

So, had a moderately boring weekend. Gardened heaps, depressed over the lack of late blooming summer perennials. We're already into the heucheras, grasses and dark dusky colors and wishing I had planted lots of zinnias and other cheery things. However, I did spend about two hours looking at bulb catalogs, slowly drooling over bulbs that are a bit outrageously priced.

Didn't cook a bit, have lots of food languishing in the fridge. Tonight it'll be clean out the fridge night.

I did journal, didn't do too badly, though didn't do much exercise save dog runs and gardening. I lost a whopping .2 this week. I did stay for the meeting and that was good.

I like Monday meetings, they are nice way to start the week.

Okay, nothing exciting going on here.

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