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Good afternoon everyone!

It's been one of those days for me. First, I woke up to a sink full of corn husks and cobs as DH decided to freeze corn last night and not clean up afterwards. DS was in our bed all night. I slept in an akward position b/c of it and my neck is sore on one side. My coffee maker got jammed or something and all the coffee went all over my counter. A surge protector which the coffee maker and fish tank plug into was laying in a pool of coffee. Can we say electrocution hazard? I got that all cleaned up and a few hours later I cut my finger REALLY BAD. It bled through two bandaids. I don't know if you are familar with Cutco knives. My husband used to work there so we have a nice set. They say they are the world's finest cutlery, I have to agree, and boy are they SHARP!! Then my cats caught a mouse and were torturing it in my bathroom. GROSS! Luckily my brother in law came in and took the poor thing outside.

I have spent a large portion of the day cleaning upstairs in my house. I watched Oprah yesterday and saw this stuff about compulsive hoarding. I'm not as bad as some of those people, but it was kind of scarey how close I am. I get so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have and I don't know how to organize it. I can only work about and hour or two at a time and much of that is spent back tracking b/c the kids mess up what I just claned. I really wish my husband would help me out a bit and take the kids out of the house for a few hours so I can clean.

So anyway, I'm tired from all the cleaning. But my husband told me we are going somewhere and picking beans tonight. Someone has 5 acres of them and will let us pick them for free. So after the picking comes the cleaning, clipping and canning. Plus, we'll can peaches and pears soon. Then tomatoes if mine ever get ripe.

So anyway, how is everyone?

Amanda-I am so happy to hear your classes went well. The class you are taking sounds very interesting. I did a lot of transcribing stuff into phonetics as a speech therapist. We had a whole class on it

Lori-I wish it were raining here, my yard crunches when you walk on it! I wish you the best of luck with your thesis and comps. You can do this!!!

Lisa- I think checking out the menu online is a great idea! I hope your meeting goes ok today along with your dinner.

Ok I am gonna go do nothing for a while. I can't finish upstairs b/c DS is napping...FINALLY!!

Enjoy your evening everyone!
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