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Default Thinkin' 'bout Thursday

Lol. Sorry guys...I suck at coming up with these titles.


Good news: tomorrow's Friday! Lol.

Where are you sistas this morning anyway? Sleeping in? Hmmm? Lol. Just kidding. I imagine we're all starting to get busy.

I have to go study for the GRE (re-taking it this Saturday), but I wanted to say that my first day back was marvelous! My fifty students are pretty decent, but my first class didn't get the jokes. Lol. My second class did, so that's okay. I think it's because I didn't deliver them the right way in my first class because I was so nervous. And I also took a class last night, which I think is going to be so much fun. It's History of the English Language, and I already adore linguistics, so this'll be great. I haven't actually ever taken a linguistics course before...learning all this stuff from scratch. Last night we were assigned some homework for the week: transcribe English words into their phonetic equivalents. Lmao. I finished mine in a couple of hours. If the rest of the class goes like this, I should be pretty well set as far as the work load goes. The only strange part of the course is that it's a mix of graduate as well as undergraduate students. The undergrads were dismissed early so that the grad students to could a more seminar-like lecture, which I absolutely appreciated.

Well, I'm wasting time. I have to go shower (worked out with my personal trainer this morning and my arms are DYING, lol), and then I'm meeting up with my friend to study for our exam on Saturday. I'll have to miss WI, too, which sucks. But...I guess I just get one more week to try to get myself down to 199. Lol.

Have a great Thursday ladies!

P.S. Thanks so much to all of you for wishing me luck yesterday!! I read your messages before I taught, so it really made me feel great. Y'all are the banana's peel!
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