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Default Marathon Post!

Hey there,

Maggie-I am soooo losing steam. I know what you mean.

I am not overly inspired by getting to one-derland as I have been there about 6 times since January. My lowest has been 194 right after I didn't eat for a week b/c I had my gall bladder out. Of course I gained it all back. I am getting discouraged b/c I started out doing WW on my own when my son turned 6 weeks old. I am quickly approaching that one year mark and I really have so little to show for it. I want so badly to set some unrealistic goal to be 50 pounds less than my starting weight come September, and anything less I feel like I won't be satisfied. I look back at all the time I have wasted. If I had really tried I could be almost to my healthy weight by now. I have spent most of my twenties being fat and all of my teens years thinking I was fat. I get so angry about all that wasted time.

I know I can't waste more time whining about what I didn't do. I've given myself a good talking to the last few days. I want so badly to be one track. I want to exercise. I want to feel healthy and in control.

Then life hits. In reality it's not even the WW or the losing weight part I get frustrated about it's everything else. That just puts caring about losing weight so far on the back burner I can't see it somedays.

Kitty-I think I will try Core in the future. It's very similar to Oprah and Dr. Phil's eating plans. Dr. Phil's website has some fabulous recipes you may be able to adapt if you look at the 12 week meal plan thing. I can't remember the exact link. It was too expensive for me to do in January and Feb, b/c the veggies were hard to find, but I bet it would be great this time of year!!

My husband won't eat a veggie if it jumped into his mouth and did the banana dance all the way to his stomach. So the Dr. Phil and Oprah plans made it difficult to cook for my family (read husband), I forsee the same deal with Core. My husband won't eat something if he thinks it has too mcuh onion, he won't eat it if it has mushrooms or tomatoes, too many veggies or pretty much if it didn't come out of a box with dehydrated powdered cheese! He complained about the price of salad greens, fresh fruits, and veggies. If I cook this time of year he will complain if I turn on the oven. So all my cooking is limited to stove top. Somedays I want just say we will eat this and if you don't like here's a hotdog!

My life would be so much simpler if I could plan meals, shop and cook without his influence. I can't shop alone though b/c he won't watch the kids. I was always annoyed by that phrase, why is it when MEN have the kids they are babysitting or watching, but when we have the kids what is that called? UMMM PARENTING!

So anyway, I totally get that lack of motivation. Maybe it's my 6 week demon. Last week was week 5 for me and I totally blew it. I also hit the 10 pound mark a couple of weeks ago. But I am not going to quit. I am back on track today. I put my fit day on my new laptop so I can journal my moods and thoughts without having to be in the office. I can also journal my food easier. I am gonna find a place to use that treadmill even if it is in the middle of my kitchen doorway.

I have this all or nothing mind set though. Like with the treadmill. I feel like (as illogical as this is) that b/c today is Wednesday (the start of my WW week) that to meet the exersice goal I set for myself I must use that treadmill TODAY!! If I fail to do so I will tell myself the whole week is shot and I will just wait for next week. I do that with eating too. What is that? Why do I do that?

OH and I so skipped my meeting last night. I was so tried I ate McD's and went to bed at 6:30! I slept like a rock, got up at 5:18, met my daycare kid and went back to sleep on the couch since all the kids were still sleeping. I feel so much better!!! But guilty about not weighing in. My hoem scale is broken so I can't even check to see how badly I hurt things at teh fair...maybe taht is a good thing.

I do feel motivated though when I think about that dumb keychain LOL!

Lisa-That's GREAT about school!!!!! I hope all is getting better with Lori! Send her our love and thoughts and prayers!!

Bev-I was my happiest and felt so satisfied when I was following the Dr. Phil 12 weeks of meal plans. And you know what it was it was all healthy point friendly foods, but more than that it took time to prepare. I was able to COOK! I love to cook! Maybe what I need to do is tell dh eat it or leave it and find some great WW friendly recipes that are also budget friendly. Stuff that I can cook. I love so much the process of the washing and cutting and preparing. Did you post your chicken recipe in the recipe thread? I love to use the crockpot this time of year b/c it keeps the heat in the house down.

Well this post is like a mile long and not overly joyfull. Maggie hang in there with me PLEASE? I'll do it if you do it. We're in this together, we are Sistas!!!

take care everyone!
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