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I'm really hooked on the apple caramel dippers from WaWa. They're 4 points, but they're high fiber plus a fruit serving. Funny thing is, before WW, when i was just on a "diet," I neer would have eaten them because of the caramel (so not a "diet" food). Same with a WaWa spinach salad. It's 7 points and has cheese, hard-boiled egg and bacon. I would never have found a way to fit that into a "diet," but WW lets me fit it into my plan.

I'm happy to find that I can do without soda, even diet, altogether. Water has become my favorite drink.

Another thing that has gotten better since I gave up dieting and turned to WW is breakfast. On a diet, i would eat maybe a slice of toast and a piece of fruit. Now I have two eggs scrambled with peppers on two slices of WW bread for 6 points. It holds me over til lunch like no diet breakfast ever did.
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