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Default seeking to renew

I come to you w/my head bowed and my "tail between my legs" to renew my friendship w/the two of you. I ask you forgiveness for disappearing and hope you'll recieve me back w/open arms.

Hard to say where I lost the will to keep trying but I did. I need to update my weight as I'm up to 219.8. *sigh* I'm back on track, though, w/weekly meetings and weigh-ins at my church. Part of getting back on track meant coming here and setting things straight w/my on-line buddies. I will join you at the other thread as you guys decided to just post there but wanted to notify you first that I'm back on board. I've read some to catch up and I'm looking forward to looking at Marie's pix. Congrats, TOF, on your triathalon. What an accomplishment!

Well, I'm sending a PM as well. Hope to hear from you soon.


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