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Whoa, I just lost my post... Ok, here goes again (love technology, hate technology)

SO Lisa is out of town tonight and tradition calls for my son and I to have a pizza party in the livingroom! (If you all haven't noticed, I don't cook- Lisa is the chef around here...) So here's what I've done so far, and how I'll work the pizza in when it gets here 30-40 minutes from now!

B: Leftover hashbrowns 1/2 c, 2 eggs, total 5pts

L: Whole wheat tortilla, leftover chicken w/ shake and bake (1/2 breast), ff cheese, total 6 points

S: OJ 1pt, Melba toast w/ ff cream cheese 4pts

D: still have 13 points left! (On WP, I have 29 points today instead of minimum 24)

SO I ordered a thin crust veggie lovers (4pts per slice) and ordered a personal pan cheese for the boy. Yay for WW and choices!!!!!

Goals Met!!
WW 10% 21lbs- 8/27/05!
No More 90s- 9/3/05!

I won't stay in the 80s!

Ultimate Goal

Starting BMI 36.4 Current 31.6 Goal 21.5
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