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Default Quick introduction

(I posted this under the protein shake thread by accident - this is a repost - Sorry!)

I've enjoyed reading some of the posts in this forum. My DH just started the SBD last Monday, and I've been reading and posting over at "the beach" all week. He lost over 100 lbs 7 years ago just by reducing portion size and making low fat choices. He also started playing more and more tennis as the weight came off and he felt more energetic. He's gradually gained back about 15-20 lbs and wanted to try SBD to get back to where he was. For myself, I'm not trying to lose weight - only attempting to eat more healthfully. I am borderline underweight, and eat lots of sugar, carbs and processed foods (when I remember to eat at all!)

Reading the posts here, has gotten me more motivated to stay in the gym. I tore my ACL and had surgery in March of 2004. I worked VERY hard at physical therapy for 4 months and then took that 3x weekly habit into the gym when formal PT was over. My motivation was to keep my knee healthy (and to get my left thigh back to the same size as my right. DAMN that atrophy!) I figured as long as I was there, I'd start working upper body to help out my tennis game. I saw some nice definition in my arms and legs and was pleased with the changes. Once I got back to playing tennis 5-6 times per week, I dropped back to 2x week strength training workouts. Now with summer and being busy with my kids I've dropped to 1x week. I haven't seen any loss of definition yet, but it's probvably right around the corner. Y'all have inspired me to at least get back to twice a week. I have to admit, though, that even after 18 months of regular weight training, I STILL don't enjoy it. What's the key to having fun with it? Tennis is fun. I can play for 3 hours in the 95 degree heat, but I have to FORCE myself to do weights for 90 minutes.

Well, that was longer than I planned on. Thanks for inspiring me! I'll be lurking and sometimes posting. Have a great weekend!
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