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Good thread Jane!

Seems we did some of the same things growing up. I remember playing tag, red rover, ring around the rosie, hopscotch, red light/greenlight, hide-n-seek, jump rope (never could do the double dutch) and collecting lightning bugs. We also spent a lot of time at the creek & beach (spent half my time from the time I was born-18 years of age in AR & CA. Then we moved to CA when I was 18 and I was there for the next 18 years), took swimming lessons, was involved in the parks recreation. The park always had something going on. They had games out during the day, then crafts on certain days. I remember making a kite and decorations for the tree, all kinds of stuff. Then of course there was Vacation Bible School. Of course we spent a LOT of time with my cousins on both sides of the family, we all grew up together. We did goofy things. Someone had a stuffed bird of some sort and we would sit on my dads parents porch swing and put the bird in the middle of the street to see what people would do. Another time we wanted to see how many people we could get on the swing and the thing fell-we all scattered about. On both sides I remember everyone being at my grandparents home and then when everyone left we usually went to someone elses house and spent the night. Things were so different back then and it was nothing to just roam the streets which is what we did. I got my first pair of roller skates in the first grade and boy did I have fun with those, they were those metal ones that you wear shoes with. I don't ever remember being bored in the summer time, there was always something to do. The good old days...

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