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Such a good topic Jane. I lived the same type life you did it seems. I remember playing Red Rover, hopscotch, and hide'n'seek, but my favorite was jumping rope. I had cousins my age who lived near and it seems like we were always spending the nights together in summer. I also would go to PA and spend time with my cousins there, sometimes being allowed to stay with them for a few weeks.

Do you remember those paper tubes that were nailed on a post or tree and were round metal? I remember we were spinning around in the yard and getting dizzy, then we would lay down and look up at the sky. (makes me sick to think about doing that now) One night I was doing this and I got so dizzy, I leaned up against the tree and my head just snapped back...against the metal tube. I cut a big chunk out of my ear and it is still scarred today. Boy, did it bleed!

I don't think the kids today have as much fun as we did, do you?


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