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Silverbirch - Pfeiffer is also know as the kissing disease so probabely the same as mononucleosis. My sister had it when she was in her teens, and it simply took months to get over it. We feared my son had it last summer, but this was not the case. I feel for you. Working up to a 10- min walk can seem like a challenge for the marathon, I hope you will soon be a bit better.

A rainy day here today. My R knee is definitely acting up so I'm cuting back on the running. Today I did 3.1 km treadmill and UBW. It did not seem that heavy when i did it (and compared to some of the workouts of the others it does not amount to that much ) but as I type my arms are trembling, so I'll be sore tomorrow.

Also I am thinking about how to do workouts on my holidays: we will go away for 5 weeks, no computeracces for the major part: first we will go to a place on the coast next friday, return thursday after that, and then we go camping: the plan is to drive up to norway and see the fjords. The best I have come up with yet is that I got myself an MP3 player and I will pack my running shoes, notebook and heartrate monitor. As I never run outside, this will be a major challenge.

I'm open for suggestions, especially araound the theme "how come mum wants to go for 1 hour run/walk/jog whatever while we are on holiday"

have a great day,
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