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Glandular fever is infectious mononucleosis though 'someone of my maturity' doesn't usually get it. I am, apparently, 'a bit senior' for it. The cheek! I'm only 50 in August.
Don't be too offended, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone over 18 getting it (it's also called the "kissing disease") so at 31 they probably would have told me the same thing. When I was a gymnast, I had a friend who missed SEVEN MONTHS of school/practice because of it only to rupture her spleen when she went back to working out - not pleasant for anyone in the gym that day, least of all her.

Ilene, you were right about my poor legs just not being prepared. I did more squats on Sunday - with slightly more weight - and although I am still a little sore on Tuesday it's not anything like it was Thur/Fri/Sat.

I ate from mainly three food groups yesterday - carbs, chips and cake
I feel your pain, but mine were cocktail shrimp, BBQ'd ribs, & various vodka drinks.
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