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Hi Silverbirch,

What rotten luck for you to get this infection! Is it like Lyme disease (what you get from tick bites ) or Pfeiffer ? Did you look it up on the internet yet ? You have my sincere sympathy!

About the tiredness... strangely enough for me getting some excercise perked me up when I was extremely tired last year. Something like a 10 min walk (which was heavy excercise at that time), in conjunction with lots of B vitamins. At least it gave me the idea that I was doing something for my health except for sleeping.

Also my son was extremely tired for 6 months in the last year, we first thought Pfeiffer but he had no swollen glands. Turned out to be due an intestinal creature, blastocystis hominis, and after the antibiotics he was still not OK. I fed him a course of probiotics and that helped him.

Lots of luck Silverbirch,

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