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I hope you all had a great independence day.. It sure sounds like it ! I did not post much last week due to falling into that same old hole again, but thanks to all the practice at least I'm getting out of it sooner. I guess that is progress of some sort.

As for the excercise: yesterdaay I did 2.6 km treadmill and LBW. I think I can cautiously up the weights as i am not very sore today. Today I did 15 min bike and 5 km treadmill. I have slashed my treadmill weekly target in half and will mix with some other cardio because my R knee is acting up: after some minutes of running it starts to hurt, then after a couple of minutes walk I can run for some minutes again before it hurts again.

Tiki - is that what I think it is ? 30 lb in EACH hand ?? Wow!! My heaviest at the moment is a 30 lb barbell which I use for squats. Since I was not sore from the LBW of yesterday I was thinking of adding some to it.

Every time I read about the workouts of you guys I am amazed at what is possible and i realise I still have a long way to go, lots of improvement oppotrtunities !

Have a great day,
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