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This is the tale of my taking my cat to the vet. It's always a tough task - since she hates being enclosed in small cases. This is because I found her as a kitten tied up with electrical tape and put into a bag and left lying on the road. She has had a tough beginning and it seems that she will be a nervous cat for all of her life. She just never improves on the caged bit. She is better with people than she was but not by that much.

I got her in her case (all four legs are going in different directions) and managed to shut the door on it before she came steaming back out again and accompanied by street cat music got to the car with the case. I did well this time - only bleeding from 2 places. One of the neighbours asked if the cat has had an accident because of the distressed yelling going on. Bonny has a Czech accent and we had to yell at one another over the top of the cats distress calls. Two dogs and a cat joined in the chorus. Bonny and I yelled louder to try to explain the problem.

Drove to the vet. All eyes swivel to my car at the traffic lights.

Get to the vet and there is a little Westie in the waiting room. The vet nurse shouts - ĎOkay Sunday is here. Take a seatí. The Westie disappears under the chair. The owner would like to follow. Iím tempted to go to the hardware store and buy earmuffs for all present. Eventually the Westie goes to see the vet. The vet is surprised that Heather (the Westie) is so keen to get into the surgery. Hi Joy yells Joe (the vet). I wave. Distress yells continue unabated.

We get into the surgery after the Westie has gone and yell at Joe about the cats health. Nothing wrong with her lungs. She has managed to wet the newspaper and towel in the bottom of the cage. Joe takes her out of the cage - the yowling ceases. Joe takes the cage out the back and asks the nurse to dispose of the wet towel and newspaper and reline the cage. The cat tries to escape. Joe and I and the nurse are chasing her through the surgery and corner her under the computer desk. She then quiets down but then accuses Joe of rape when he sticks the thermometer you know where. Fur flies when the thermometer is removed. She escapes off the table again. I catch her halfway down to the floor. More blood flows. Body check reveals she is in good health but needs teeth scaling. Since she only licks her chicken necks and wings she is never going to do it herself. Joe wants her back soon to do the job under anaesthetic. Wise man - he doesnít need to lose blood. Joe decides to clip the claws so the mother has a bit of a break from bleeding to death. Vets are nice people. We put the cat back in the cage and I pay the bill. Two other dogs now in the waiting room disappear under the chairs. Itís quite amusing to see a Great Dane trying to fit under a normal waiting room chair. I put the cat in the car and drive home accompanied by the cats chorus. Cars occupants stare at us at the traffic lights. Get home open the cage. Cat gets out - SHEíS BL**DY PURRING!!!!!!!

Rest of the day is spent on a bit of housework, Body Balance class - good workout there, 2 hours of hammock time with a book, a bit of shopping and picking up the niece and nephew so they can come and watch the Lions play the All Blacks again (and get beaten again). We had chicken tacos for dinner and a glass of wine (nephew had a beer) and then I took them home. We all enjoy our football. Niece is an avid All Black supporter. She yells louder than I do. Sheís recently become interested in our side of the family tree and is trying to understand the ramifications of being 1/8 Maori. Nice kids. Good to keep in touch with the young even if I donít understand all that they are talking about.

Watched a bit of mindless tv and went to bed. Such is life. Today is all go. Painting, sanding, putting up some fixtures for shelves etc. Got to find some time to look at laminate flooring soon and a couple of new doors round the house and also get the electrician in. The list is now long enough to justify bringing him in. The bill wonít be too small either.

Thatís about it for the weekend from me. I look forward to hearing the tales of 4th July. Have a wonderful long weekend to all those having a long weekend. To rest of us - just have a good one
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