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I also am recommiting to WW, after joining in February, and after an intial weight loss of about 18 pounds, 3 of which I have gained back, and I can't seem to lose, I am going to do it this time. I have given myself a mini goal of 15 pounds by Aug. 31st. I joinde WW with a friend of mine, who after she lost her weight, dropped her "fat friend" like there was no tomorrow. After she lost her weight, I found out she was "cheating" on WW by using 2 different types of diet pills, and then was making me feel likea loser because I just couldn't lose my weight as fast. She also had just had a baby, so most of her weight was just "baby fat". Oh well, good bye to bad rubbish, and to unsupportive people. Glad to be here with ya'll!!

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